Chinanews client, Beijing, September 17 (Reporter Wu Tao) "QQ has unblocked links to Taobao and other web sites!" Many netizens cheered after they discovered it.

  On the 13th, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology stated that it has required enterprises to pragmatically promote different types of problems such as blocking URL links in instant messaging in accordance with the rectification requirements, which can be resolved step by step and in stages.

Now, how is the implementation progress?

Reporter's experience: QQ is unblocked, but WeChat is still blocked

  During the experience, the reporter found that at present, both Tmall and Taobao links can be opened directly on the QQ platform, and even purchases can be made.

Website links such as Douyin can be opened directly on QQ.


  For Douyin, whether it is a link to the official website or a specific short video content, you can also directly open it on QQ and watch the corresponding short video content.

  The WeChat official account link can be directly opened and browsed on platforms such as Feishu under Bytedance.

It is still not possible to open Taobao and other websites directly on WeChat.


  However, Taobao, Tmall and Douyin links still cannot be opened directly on the WeChat platform, displaying "If you need to browse, please press and hold the URL to copy and use the browser to access."

  In addition, the product links of Pinduoduo APP and Jingdong APP can be accessed normally whether on QQ or WeChat.

Prompt "I will leave QQ and open other applications" when purchasing.

  On the Internet, there are many voices of "When will other apps such as WeChat unblock their URLs?"

It is reported that WeChat is testing the removal of URL link blocking, and it is currently only open to a small group of people.

The reporter contacted Tencent, and as of press time, no response was received.

Interoperability between platforms still has a long way to go

  On the other hand, many netizens found that the link to the specific product page of Taobao still cannot be found on search engines such as Baidu.

In fact, this is not Baidu blocking Taobao links, but Taobao does not allow Baidu to crawl its product pages.

  The mutual shielding between WeChat and Taobao can be traced back to November 2013, when Taobao formally blocked access from WeChat.

WeChat soon stopped directing Taobao related links to the Taobao website.

  Similar things have been uninterrupted, and Baidu and others have not been able to search the contents of the official account like Sogou.

"This is the WeChat official account and does not allow search engines such as Baidu to crawl." Baidu said.

Sogou can search the contents of WeChat official accounts, but Baidu etc. cannot.


  Baidu also told a reporter from, “If it is said that the personal official account is not authorized, it is understandable that crawling is prohibited; but why not let go of the content of some public government official account platforms?"

  "I searched on Baidu, and most of the content was "Baijiahao" content; when I searched with 360, most of it was "Quick News" content. Using different search engines, I felt that I was living in two online worlds." A netizen left a message.

  From this perspective, “Internet platforms still have a long way to go.” In the eyes of industry observers, “However, QQ took the lead in letting go of links to various websites and played a leading role in interconnection.”

  What do you think?