A report from the French Anti-Corruption Agency (AFA), delivered at the end of July and that


was able to consult, indicates "numerous dysfunctions and the lack of respect for procedures" of the Nice Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCI) , which manages a budget of 96.7 million euros, and obtains a significant portion of its revenues from the ports of Nice, Antibes and Cannes.

When the AFA controllers came in July 2019, the leaders of the CCI told them that they "had therefore not implemented any of the mechanisms for preventing and detecting conflicts of interest", explains the digital site.

There is also no internal control mechanism for the expenses of the members of the institution, which exposes the CCI to “risks of breach of probity”.

Port Vauban: questionable employment and preliminary investigation

After the passage of the AFA controllers, in March 2021, a preliminary investigation was opened on the Vauban port, by the parquet floor of Grasse.

AFA also calls into question several public contracts.

However, the CCI affirms that, since the audit, "work aimed at setting up a global system for the prevention and detection of breaches of probity" has been initiated.

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she indicated to react at the beginning of next week.


Preliminary investigation targeting the port of Antibes, after an Anticor report


The Villeneuve Loubet marina is the subject of a preliminary investigation

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