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order to prevent safety accidents at industrial sites these days, difficult and dangerous tasks are often performed by robots. Not only that, but robots that are in charge of security and looking around the factory, which are now empty, have also appeared.

By Kim Jung-woo, staff reporter.

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night when all the workers left work, the lights in the factory go out and the robot dog starts to move.

Moving on all fours, look around every nook and cranny to make sure that no lights are on and that the doorway is properly closed.

You can go up the stairs at will.

This is the first factory safety service robot introduced by Hyundai Motor Group after it acquired Boston Dynamics, a robot company.

Hundreds of units have already been sold in North America last year and are being used in various industrial fields, but in Korea, Kia started a pilot operation at the Gwangmyeong plant.

The robot dog measures the distance to nearby objects with light, or detects high temperatures and trespassing with thermal imaging cameras and various sensors.

You can check the site situation in real time through the robot's eyes, so you can monitor from the outside.

A further development is that the robot's autonomy has been strengthened by combining artificial intelligence-based software.

Using AI-based navigation, you can move around the designated patrol area on your own.

[Hyun Dong-jin / Head of Robotics Lab, Hyundai Motor Group: I know for myself which path I should take in the service area. Avoid obstacles in the path, avoid moving objects, or overcome them when the environment changes.] As

more data is accumulated by repeating the pilot operation, it is expected that various types of robots will be able to be put into various industrial sites.

(Video editing: Jeong Seong-hoon)