For more than 30 years, Mitsubishi Electric's factory in Nagasaki Prefecture, which has been fraudulent in inspecting air conditioners for railways, has partially revoked international certification for quality control by a third-party organization overseas.

Mitsubishi Electric has decided to acquire it again after summarizing measures to prevent recurrence.

Regarding Mitsubishi Electric, it has been revealed that product inspections have been fraudulent for over 30 years at a factory in Togitsu Town, Nagasaki Prefecture.

According to the company, in response to this, a third-party organization in the United Kingdom revoked the certification of the international standard "ISO9001" regarding the quality control system of air conditioners and air compressors for railways that had been fraudulently inspected on the 16th. It means that.

Of these, for air conditioners, we have also revoked the certification of quality standards in the railway field.

On the other hand, for railroad platform doors and large-scale visions manufactured at the same factory, certification has been suspended.

An external investigation committee consisting of lawyers and others is investigating a series of inspection frauds, and Mitsubishi Electric has decided to summarize recurrence prevention measures based on the investigation results and aim to re-acquire certification and cancel suspension. I am.