The skyrocketing energy prices are at least partly an evil intention by the Russian gas company Gazprom, a group of MEPs believes.

The European Commission should investigate whether Gazprom is deliberately increasing the gas price, they believe.

Energy prices in the European Union have risen to such an extent that EU countries such as Spain are forced to intervene.

There are indications that Gazprom, the world's largest gas producer, is throttling supplies to put pressure on the EU, say some 40 MEPs of all walks of life.

For example, the company, largely state-owned, refuses to use Ukrainian pipelines to transport the gas to Europe, they write to the committee.

Gazprom also would not have wanted to replenish Europe's dwindling gas reserves for the winter, even though it had plenty of gas in stock.

That the company can extract less gas due to a fire could just be an excuse.

The MEPs, including many Poles and other Eastern Europeans, but also Belgians and Germans, for example, think that Gazprom is all about a controversial pipeline.

The company would like to pressure the EU to allow the completion and commissioning of this Nord Stream 2 to go ahead.

The Commission is not yet ready to say whether it will act.