The National Standing Committee passed the "14th Five-Year" universal medical insurance plan: a sound multi-level medical insurance system

  The state-organized centralized procurement of artificial joints has just produced the results of the proposed selection. The executive meeting of the State Council emphasized that the state-organized centralized procurement of drugs will continue to expand the scope of centralized procurement of high-value medical consumables to curb the inflated prices of drugs and medical consumables.

  On September 15, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council presided over an executive meeting of the State Council to deliberate and approve the "14th Five-Year" universal medical security plan, deploy and improve the medical insurance system to better meet the people's needs for medical drugs.

The meeting pointed out that during the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, it is necessary to deepen the reform of the medical insurance system, do our best, and do what we can. Medical insurance must adhere to the basic concept of insurance throughout, gradually improve the level, and achieve sustainability.

  In terms of specific measures, the meeting proposed to improve the multi-level medical insurance system, classify and optimize medical insurance assistance policies; establish a mechanism for the basic medical system and the basic medical insurance system to adapt to each other; promote the coordinated reform of medical insurance and medicine; improve the service level of medical insurance management; strengthen the medical insurance fund Five aspects of supervision are required.

  Since the end of 2018, the state organized the centralized procurement of drugs in the "4+7" pilot cities, and the fifth batch of centralized drug procurement has been completed, with an average decrease of more than 50%. This greatly reduces the burden of patients on medication and optimizes the industrial development environment. It also improves the efficiency of the use of medical insurance funds.

According to a document published by the National Organization for Pharmaceutical Joint Procurement Office on September 10, the sixth batch of nationally organized pharmaceutical centralized procurement will target insulin products.

  In addition to the normalization and institutionalization of centralized drug procurement, the centralized procurement of high-value medical consumables has also been carried out twice.

On November 5, 2020, the result of the centralized procurement of cardiac stents was opened in Tianjin, and 10 products were selected. The price of the stent dropped from an average price of about 13,000 yuan to about 700 yuan, a drop of over 90%.

On the evening of September 14, the official of the Joint Procurement Office of the National Organization of High-Value Medical Consumables announced the results of the artificial joint selection. The price of the artificial joint products to be selected dropped from an average of 30,000 yuan to less than 10,000 yuan, a drop of more than 80%.

  This time the State Council emphasized once again the policy of centralized procurement of medicines and high-value medical consumables around "promoting the coordinated reform of medical insurance and medicine", and proposed to continue to implement the state-organized centralized procurement of drugs and expand the scope of centralized procurement of high-value medical consumables. To curb the inflated prices of medicines and medical consumables.

In time, drugs with high clinical value and obvious benefits to patients will be included in the scope of medical insurance payment, and the scope of basic medical insurance drugs will be basically unified across the country next year.

  Regarding the supervision of medical insurance funds, the National Standing Committee proposed to strictly implement responsibilities, improve the departmental linkage mechanism, and comprehensively use system monitoring and on-site inspections to achieve full supervision.

Third-party forces such as Music Note Commercial Insurance have enhanced the professionalism of supervision.

More effective play of the supervisory role.

Even if we publicly report the use of medical insurance funds and investigate and deal with problems, we will pressure to crack down on fraudulent insurance fraud.

  In addition, the National Standing Committee also pointed out that the medical insurance payment policy should be improved, and the development of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, medical consortia, etc., will be included in the medical insurance fixed-point range of primary medical institutions with load-reducing conditions, which will promote the improvement of the service level of primary medical institutions and reduce the excessive treatment of minor diseases. Medical treatment to improve the efficiency of the use of medical insurance funds.

  The Paper Journalist Li Xiaoxiao