China News Service, Beijing, September 16 (Reporter Yan Xiaohong) The scale of China's elderly care industry market is growing year by year, the elderly care track continues to expand, and the advantages of Chinese and foreign elderly care services complement each other and promote innovation.

  According to the results of the seventh national census (at 0:00 on November 1, 2020), my country has 264 million people aged 60 and over, accounting for 18.7%, of which 190 million people are 65 and over, accounting for 13.5%.

The aging of the population is accelerating, and how to actively deploy the elderly care industry has also become a hot topic.

  In 2020, the first national statistical classification of the elderly care industry will be released, clarifying the entire chain of 12 types of elderly care industry, including elderly financial services, elderly technology and smart elderly services, and pointing out the direction for the statistics of the economic scale of the elderly care industry.

  According to industry experts, a three-pillar pension system in which the country, unit, and individual share pension responsibilities is generally selected internationally.

In my country, as the first pillar, basic pension insurance dominates, but the replacement rate is not high; as the second pillar, enterprise annuities have developed slowly and have a small coverage; personal savings pension insurance and commercial pension insurance, as the third pillar, have many Therefore, more and more expectations are placed on the comprehensive development potential of levels, multiple fields, and cross-sectors.

  The main entities that provide third-pillar pension products in my country are mainly four types of financial institutions: banks, fund companies, insurance companies and trust companies.

Xu Qihua, President of Shanghai Elderly Service Industry Association, put forward at the 2021 China Elderly Care Institution Development Summit: Most of the existing existing elderly care institutions are still small and micro institutions, and there are still difficulties in profitability, financing channels, few financing channels, and resistance. Weak risk capabilities and other issues require financial institutions to provide strong support for this.

At the same time, the demand for elderly care is stronger, which also contains a lot of opportunities for the financial industry.

  As far as the banking industry is concerned, the industrial layout is mainly reflected in two aspects: one is to provide diversified financing solutions for major pension institutions, and the other is to help the elderly improve their ability to pay through continuous improvement of pension wealth finance.

For example, the Bank of Communications issued the "Bank of Communications Pension" financial strategic action plan to integrate its banks, insurance, trusts, funds and other resources to develop pension finance. China Construction Bank began to build an "old age financial ecosystem". The Bank of China proposes to build “featured pension financial outlets” for the six major goals of “medicine for the elderly, learning for the elderly, pleasure for the elderly, enjoyment for the elderly, and travel for the elderly”.

At the same time, the wealth management subsidiaries of major banks have also started intensively launching pension wealth management products since last year, taking them as their direction of development.

  The insurance industry, which has been involved in the concept of old-age security earlier, has made efforts in the development of new types of old-age insurance products and the creation of high-quality old-age communities.

Statistics show that as of October 2019, 20 insurance companies have launched 81 long-term care insurance products.

This provides professional guarantees for the long-term medical care and nursing care of the elderly, and fills the gaps in long-term care services in the domestic elderly care industry.

In addition, the one-stop service plan of pension insurance plus pension community is also beginning to scale-through professional recuperation, diversified entertainment, natural experience and even technology application, more and more new health care communities are emerging.

  The current elderly care industry has initially formed several unique business models: real estate represented by Vanke, Poly, and Sino-Ocean; Chinese and foreign insurance companies represented by Taikang Life, Taiping Life and AIA Life; Jiurucheng, Tongrentang, Yingzhi Rehabilitation and other comprehensive categories, as well as local state-owned assets such as Shoukai, Shouchuang, Honest and Jing, etc., have found the entry point in the big healthy sunrise industry, and are rushing to the subdivision of the track.

  In recent years, elderly care institutions have cooperated with medical and health institutions to varying degrees. For example, some primary and secondary hospitals or township health centers and community health centers with low bed utilization rates, combined with the current public hospital reforms, have embedded elderly care services. Expand the supply of elderly care services.

Another example is the combination of insurance companies and senior care communities. There are both China Pacific Insurance and other self-built senior care communities with heavy asset investment to achieve in-depth development of senior care; there are also light asset investments represented by AIA Life, which connect medical, medicine, health, and health care. The whole process of nursing and nursing service.

  According to the industry, as the “home-based, community-based, and institutional-supported” model gradually takes shape, a comprehensive elderly care service platform may become the mainstream.

Multi-fields such as medical services, equipment and equipment, new medicines, entertainment, real estate, finance, technology, etc. are linked to actively create a multi-dimensional pension ecosystem.

For people who are getting older, having a worry-free, diversified, and high-quality elderly life, and realizing a sense of support and support for the elderly will be just around the corner.