Netflix founder Reed Hastings demonstrates with a lavish investment plan in new German-language in-house productions and the now opened German headquarters that he is fighting for viewers in this country.

He is far from satisfied with the millions who have subscribed to his service so far.

Of course, the enormous use of funds is also and above all due to the pressure that other providers are now exerting on the streaming pioneer.

Yes, the number of users of Netflix and its competitors are all still growing because the market is a long way from being tapped.

The big question, however, is increasingly how long it will be like this.

While Netflix had to fear Disney as a new competitor for a long time, Apple and Amazon are increasingly following up with their own productions that are well worth seeing.

All three are financially strong and have other successful businesses with which they can cross-subsidize the film business.

By the way, that's what sets them apart from Netflix.

One winner of this productive trial of strength is certain: the customer - he can choose from an ever-increasing range and, given the competitive situation, will probably not have to reckon with sharp price increases in this area for the time being.