[Explanation] At the moment, pear farmers are busy picking, packing, and transporting fragrant pears in various towns and villages in Korla City, Xinjiang.

  On September 14, the pear farmer Huajiang organized picking workers to get busy in the pear orchard early in the morning.

Miao Huajiang told reporters that his family has planted 18 mu of fragrant pears this year, with an estimated output of about 60 tons, and hired 13 workers to pick fragrant pears, which will be completed in three days.

Thanks to the standardized and refined management of the orchard, his fragrant pears are full of shape, pleasing to the eye, sweet and smooth, and rich in aroma. The commercial fruit rate has reached more than 90%.

  [Concurrent] Pear Farming and Seedling Huajiang

  After removing the cost this year, the net income can reach about 250,000 yuan.

After planting fragrant pears in the past few years, we now have buildings and cars.

  [Explanation] The Korla fragrant pear production area is located in the northern edge of the Tarim Basin, at the southern foot of the Tianshan Mountains. It is arid and less rainy, with high temperature, long sunshine and large temperature difference between day and night, forming the unique quality of Korla fragrant pear.

  The reporter saw merchants from Liyuan come to order fragrant pears from time to time.

Shenzhen merchant Chen Yonghao comes to buy fragrant pears this season every year. He told reporters that the quality of Korla fragrant pears is highly recognized by consumers in the market.

  [Concurrent period] Shenzhen Xiangli acquirer Chen Yonghao

  It’s been seven or eight years since I came to Korla to harvest fragrant pears. This year, Korla’s fragrant pears are very beautiful, with good taste, thin skin, and big size. This year we plan to collect 3,000 tons. Korla’s pears are always available in Shenzhen, Guangzhou, and Dongguan. Very popular.

  [Concurrent] Sheng Zhenming, President of Korla Fragrant Pear Association in Bazhou, Xinjiang

  The Korla fragrant pear industry is an important way for our farmers to increase their income.

Build a brand with quality and win people's hearts with a brand.

Up to now, we have sales outlets in 295 cities in China and export to 34 countries and regions.

  [Explanation] Korla fragrant pears are known as "treasures of pears" and "princes of fruits".

This year, the planting area of ​​fragrant pears reached 467,000 mu, and the total output is expected to reach 430,000 tons, which can bring nearly 2 billion yuan in income to local farmers and the fragrant pear deep processing industry.

  Zhao Yamin and Ni Jingjing report from Korla, Xinjiang

Editor in charge: [Li Ji]