Steel producer Tata Steel has opted for hydrogen to make its manufacturing process more sustainable.

The company announced this on Wednesday.

The decision has received the approval of the supervisory board and the parent company from India.

Tata Steel has been under fire for some time because it emits many harmful substances, which affect the environment.

The steel company is one of the largest polluters in the Netherlands.

The pressure to make processes more sustainable is therefore great.

Tata Steel previously said that it wants to emit less and less CO2 by 2030.

In order to achieve this, Tata Steel is opting to use more and more hydrogen in the coming years.

This should ensure less harmful emissions.

The company could also have opted for underground storage of CO2, but thinks hydrogen is a better option.

The company does indicate that it needs help from local and national governments in the transformation.

This involves subsidies, issuing permits and installing a system that can transport the hydrogen.

Incidentally, that energy carrier is not clean in all cases.

It depends on how the hydrogen is generated.

If this is done with the help of fossil fuels, such as natural gas or coal, there are still emissions of harmful substances.

According to Tata, the availability of cleanly generated hydrogen is still limited. Natural gas will therefore play an important role in the production of steel for the time being. “But hydrogen will gradually be able to replace natural gas application,” the company said in a statement.