The Tokyo stock market on the 15th fell for the first time in 4 business days as the Nikkei Stock Average reached its highest level in about 31 years on the 14th, and sell orders to secure profits spread.

The Nikkei Stock Average, the closing price on the 15th, was 35.117.71 yen, which is 158.39 yen lower than the 14th.

Tokyo Stock Price Index = Topics fell 22.48 to 2096.39.

The daily trading volume was 1,257,220,000 shares.

Market officials said, "The Nikkei Stock Average yesterday hit a new high and reached the level for the first time in about 31 years. Selling orders to secure profits have spread. The Nikkei Stock Average has fallen by more than 300 yen at one point, but the normalization of economic activities due to the spread of vaccination and the next cabinet will not come up with new economic measures. There was a strong sense of expectation, and there was a movement to buy back. "