Known as "Using the Internet to Change the Driving Training Industry" Internet celebrity driving school "Pig Jianqiang" went bankrupt

  "Pig Jianqiang", used to be a Guangdong Internet celebrity driving school, claimed to "use the Internet to change the driving training industry."

Now, due to heavy debts, he finally went bankrupt.

On September 10, the bankruptcy administrator of Guangdong Zhujianqiang Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhujianqiang”) issued an announcement through the official WeChat, stating that the Guangzhou Intermediate Court ruled that Zhujianqiang was bankrupt on August 31.

  Internet celebrity driving school goes bankrupt

  200 million yuan tuition to be withdrawn involves 30,000 students

  Judging from the announcement, Zhu Jianqiang was overwhelmed by debt.

The announcement stated that Zhu Jianqiang has been unable to pay off its due debts, and its assets are not enough to pay off all debts, and it does not have the conditions for reorganization and settlement.

The Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court issued (2020) Yue 01 Po 199-5 "Civil Ruling" on August 31, 2021, in accordance with Article 2 and Article 107 of the Enterprise Bankruptcy Law of the People’s Republic of China. The ruling declared the bankruptcy of Guangdong Zhujianqiang Internet Technology Co., Ltd.

  Now Zhu Jianqiang, who has completely withdrawn from the market, was once a smash hit.

Public information shows that Zhu Jianqiang was established on September 2, 2014, with a registered capital of 12.825 million yuan, and the legal representative is Chen Zhilin.

At the beginning of its establishment, Zhu Jianqiang proposed to "transform the traditional driving training industry with Internet thinking."

It adopts a chain operation model of "Internet marketing + self-operated driving school". It places learn-to-car advertisements online through Taobao,, WeChat and other network platforms and collects tuition fees for students. Offline wholly-owned or controlling driving schools in Guangzhou, Hangzhou, etc., through internal group agreements Arrange for its controlling or cooperative driving school to sign a training contract with the trainees, and the driving school will be responsible for trainee training and auxiliary examination work.

  The business model of "non-affiliated, non-intermediary, and full direct sales" put forward by Zhu Jianqiang directly connects online and offline, eliminating the need for intermediaries to make price differences, hitting the pain point of opaque fees in the driving test industry, and attracting a large number of students to sign up.

  Zhu Jianqiang once claimed on the company's website that there are more than 200,000 students. Based on the tuition fee of 5,000 yuan per student, Zhu Jianqiang's tuition income alone is as high as 1 billion yuan.

But in 2019, such a platform with a revenue of nearly 1 billion yuan "exploded."

Many consumers have reported that after paying their fees and registering, they have not conducted any studies and examinations, and offline operations have been shut down or relocated, and the person in charge has not been seen.

  Also starting in 2019, Zhu Jianqiang has been frequently listed by the court as a person to be enforced and a person who is dishonest.

Up to now, Zhu Jianqiang still has 3 pieces of information about untrustworthy persons subject to enforcement, all of which have the ability to perform but refuse to perform the obligation to determine the effective legal document.

A total of 338 cases were concluded, with a total amount of 5.8 million yuan in execution, and 99.9% of the cases were not executed.

Chen Zhilin himself has also become a height restriction officer.

  On July 16, 2020, the Guangzhou Intermediate People's Court ruled to accept the bankruptcy liquidation case of Zhu Jianqiang Company.

  According to the previous report of the Guangzhou Intermediate People’s Court, the number of registered trainees of Zhujianqiang Company is about 42,400, about 9 thousand have been digested, about 33,400 undigested trainees, and 21,000 undigested trainees in Guangzhou (of which about 5,000 are Cooperative driving school students).

The C1 manual tuition fee is 5980 yuan as an estimated calculation, and the pending tuition fee is about 200 million yuan.

  It is worth mentioning that many trainees were promoted by the staff of Zhu Jianqiang for installment payments when they signed up.

The Tianyancha APP shows that Dayehaoche is a brand of Dingyu Financial Leasing (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd., which provides loan assistance business.

  Some students said that Zhu Jianqiang was about to close down, but he still had to pay back the car to Big Goose every month. If he didn't pay back, the interest would be 4 yuan per day.

  Low price strategy, aggressive marketing

  After the capital retreats, Jianqiang Zhu "gets down"

  Thanks to the advantages of online admissions, Zhu Jianqiang has attracted much attention. From 2016 to 2018, Zhu Jianqiang received 4 rounds of financing.

  Zhu Jianqiang attaches great importance to marketing and promotion. When the limelight was at its peak, almost everyone in Shenzhen had seen the slogan of the Internet learning car platform "Pig Jianqiang": "Look for Zhu Jianqiang when you learn to drive. It is not affiliated or intermediary. , Fully directly operated, big brand, strong, trustworthy"...Bus, subway, residential elevator, outdoor big brands can be seen everywhere.

According to reports, from 2014 to 2019, Zhu Jianqiang has raised a total of 240 million yuan in five years of operation, but spent 400 million yuan on advertising.

  In addition, the “Pig Jianqiang” driving school recruited students through a low-price strategy in the early stage, and the company had to provide a large amount of subsidies, which greatly consumed cash flow.

Finally, with the retreat of capital, the quality problem that was originally hidden under the low price was also dug out, and finally went bankrupt.

  According to a CCTV financial report, a Shenzhen driving training industry person said that the training cost of a student in a driving school is about 5,000 yuan. The enrollment of Internet driving schools is mainly based on low prices as a gimmick. The 3,000 yuan fee cannot cover the cost of training for the students.

  In 2016, Zhu Jianqiang was notified for being suspected of false and exaggerated propaganda.

According to the Guangdong Provincial Consumer Council, Zhu Jianqiang exaggerated the admissions publicity, fabricated facts, promised the time limit for obtaining evidence, and was suspected of false publicity, deceiving and misleading consumers.

The company was also fined 20,000 yuan by the Transportation Bureau of Haizhu District, Guangzhou City for engaging in motor vehicle driver training without permission.

  In April 2020, the Department of Human Resources and Social Security of Guangdong Province announced the first batch of major labor security violations by employers in 2020. Among them, Zhu Jianqiang Shenzhen Branch owed 138 employees with wages from September to November 2019. 1.001 million yuan, suspected of refusing to pay labor remuneration and made the list.

  On the black cat complaint platform, Zhu Jianqiang made 343 complaints, and none of them responded or completed.

  Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News Reporter Yu Yao

  Intern reporter Tao Yueyang

  Comprehensive Guangzhou Daily, CCTV Finance, etc.