The medical beauty industry should also have a big "plastic surgery"

  In life, many people expect to have a delicate face and a perfect body.

In order to realize people's desire to become beautiful and to cope with the growing "appearance anxiety", medical aesthetics has entered people's lives.

However, as the field of medical aesthetics continues to expand, the society's calls for standardizing the medical aesthetics industry are getting louder and louder.

  In recent years, medical beauty advertisements have been overwhelming, with a "brainwashing" posture, which inspires people's urge to get an injection and cut a bone.

Some people are really beautiful, while others are not so lucky.

Some people spent genuine money but were given a fake shuiguang needle, some spent tens of thousands of yuan but got a "pig nose", some were induced to perform calf muscle blockade but never stood up, and some others Unfortunately, I lost my precious life...

  How messy is the medical beauty industry?

According to the "Insight White Paper on China's Medical Beauty Industry 2020", in 2019, there were about 13,000 institutions with medical beauty qualifications in my country, while the number of illegally operated medical beauty shops exceeded 80,000, and legal medical beauty institutions accounted for only 14% of the industry.

Among the legal medical and aesthetic institutions, 15% still operate beyond the scope.

  Faced with such a reality, it is not difficult to understand that there have been successive failures in plastic surgery and the increasing number of medical aesthetic complaints.

At the same time, the difficult way for consumers to defend their rights has increased the call for rectification of the medical beauty industry.

"Shall I let you leave Jinan alive?" A few days ago, a customer went to the Jinan Joy Plastic Surgery Organization in Shandong Province to defend their rights, and was threatened by a female boss.

  Perhaps this is just the tip of the iceberg where medical and beauty rights are being blocked.

Difficulty in producing evidence, difficult in appraisal, lack of supporting laws and regulations, and even if the litigation is successful, the amount of compensation is often far from the claims of the parties. These are all issues that need to be faced on the road to rights protection.

  In fact, in the face of chaos in the medical beauty industry, the state is constantly increasing its supervision.

In April last year, the National Health Commission and other eight departments jointly issued a notice requesting relevant departments at all levels to further strengthen the comprehensive supervision and law enforcement of medical cosmetology.

  On August 27 this year, the “Guidelines for the Enforcement of Medical Beauty Advertisements (Consultation Draft)” issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation stipulates that medical cosmetology advertisements are medical advertisements, and advertisers must obtain medical institutions’ practice licenses in accordance with the law to publish or commission medical cosmetology advertisements. ; To publish medical cosmetology advertisements, the "Medical Advertisement Review Certificate" must be obtained or checked in accordance with the law and published in accordance with regulations.

At the same time, it will focus on cracking down on creating "appearance anxiety" and other chaos.

  The country’s repeated heavy strikes are obviously necessary to curb the chaos in the medical beauty industry.

In order to expose the “steel teeth” of regulations and policies, relevant departments need to implement the regulations out-of-the-box, and carry out “big plastic surgery” and normalize the medical beauty industry.

Only in this way can laws and regulations fill in one "beauty trap" one after another and ensure the standardized and professional development of the medical aesthetics industry.

  At the same time, it should be noted that the imbalance between supply and demand is also an important reason for the chaos in the medical beauty industry.

The "2021 China Women's Workplace Insight Report" shows that more than 50% of women in the workplace are anxious about their appearance.

At present, legal medical aesthetic institutions only account for 14% of the industry.

On the one hand, there is the growing demand for beauty, on the other hand, there are fewer legal institutions and large gaps.

In this regard, it is necessary to increase the training of relevant professionals and support the development and growth of legal institutions.

  From the consumer's point of view, they should also be more rational, don't be fooled by advertisements, consume impulsively, and don't overly pursue the so-called "beauty" that is "prescribed" by others.

Even if you choose plastic surgery, you must keep your eyes open and look for formal and qualified institutions and doctors.

  Everyone has the love of beauty, but don't fall into the trap of blindly following the external aesthetics, because such a change may never end, but eventually you will lose yourself and hurt yourself.

Instead of worrying about where the body is "moving the knife" all day long, it is better to calm down and practice inner self-acceptance.

  Guo Huiyan Source: China Youth Daily