The Swedish H&M Group has realized a sales increase of 14 percent in the third quarter of the current broken financial year.

In the previous quarter, the increase was 75 percent.

Turnover in the third quarter, on the other hand, was significantly higher: 5.46 billion euros, compared to 4.6 billion euros a quarter earlier.

H&M benefited in the third quarter, which ran until August 31, mainly from the increased number of stores that were open.

At the start of the quarter, 180 branches were closed, compared to 1,300 at the start of the second quarter.

The group also says that online sales of clothing are still on the rise.

However, the company does not share any figures on this.

Total sales in Europe and the United States are back at pre-coronavirus levels, while sales in Asia are still lagging.

Not only H&M belongs to the group, but also the brands COS, Weekday and Monki.