According to a survey that indexes consumption trends based on credit card usage information, in August, due to the expansion of the target area of ​​the state of emergency, outing-related consumption was sluggish, so before the spread of infection It was less than 7%.

Nowcasting, a data analysis company, and JCB, a major credit card company, publish an index that looks at consumption trends while protecting privacy based on card usage information.

According to it, the index for August was 7.9% lower than the average for the same month for the three years up to 2018, which was before the spread of the new coronavirus.

The main reason for this is that outing-related consumption was sluggish due to the expansion of the target areas for priority measures such as the declaration of emergency and the prevention of spread amid the rapid spread of infection.

Looking at the breakdown,

▽ "Transportation" is minus 65.1%

▽ "Travel" is minus 44.8%

▽ "Eating out" is minus 34.9%


On the other hand, “demand for nesting” such as those who watched the Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics on TV at home boosted

▽ “Online sales of food and drink” including delivery of home-delivered pizza and food increased by 82.3%

▽ Convenience increased by 46.1 %

▽ Super increased by 26%


According to the company surveyed, "With the spread of vaccination, if the number of infected people continues to decrease, consumption will gradually increase."