Last year, 68 percent of commuters used the car to get to work.

This emerges from figures published by the Federal Statistical Office on Wednesday.

The proportion of commuters in local public transport, on the other hand, is low at 13 percent.

Only one in ten people regularly cycle to work.

A third of commuters, on the other hand, regularly use their car on shorter commutes of less than 10 kilometers to work.

The figures from the Federal Motor Transport Authority also show the unbroken popularity of the car: As of January 1, 2021, 48.2 million cars were registered in Germany.

This means that the number of cars has increased by 14 percent within 10 years.

At 77.4 percent, the proportion of private households that will own at least one car in 2020 is comparable to that of 2010, but the trend is continuing towards second or third vehicles.

Calculated for every 100 households, the number of vehicles rose from 102 to 108.

Despite the targeted traffic turnaround, the share of cars in motorized passenger traffic was 84 percent in 2018.

Trains come to just nine percent.

In the EU, Germany is slightly above average.

Lithuania has the most private transport with 90 percent, the Czechs use the car the least (67 percent).