Maud Descamps 7:42 a.m., September 15, 2021

The shortage of raw materials is worsening, with delays which accumulate in the building sites.

Europe 1 sought to know when the return to a normal situation would take place for the sector, which wants to start again for good after a year and a half of crisis.


Of course, construction is going much better in 2021 than in 2020, with sectors that are fully benefiting from the generalized economic recovery.

But while we expected a return to normal in terms of material production but also prices in the coming weeks, the phenomenon actually seems to be getting worse.

In wood, for example, the shortage is far from over.

And the problems don't seem to go away.

A plateau hoped for at the end of the year

According to Olivier Salleron, president of the French Building Federation, the return to normal is not for the next few weeks.

"When we have +30, + 50% on the prices of materials such as plastic, PVC, steel, copper, it is a very strong increase", he regrets.

"We hope that the plateau arrives very quickly, we hope for November-December and that at the beginning of the year at least, the prices are stabilized."

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In the field, the situation is more and more complicated for professionals.

Pascal Housset runs an SME installing boilers in Seine-et-Marne.

Impossible, for a few weeks, to know in advance the delivery dates.

"We went from two weeks to a month and a half, then more than two months and today, the responses of our suppliers are 'without delay'."

Serious problems this winter?

Beyond this uncertainty for professionals, the shortage could lead to very bad surprises for individuals. "For requests which could be urgent requests this winter from customers who break down the boiler, it will become complicated", anticipates the company manager. Many SME managers are therefore worried about the shutdown of their sites for lack of available materials.