The AEX index exceeded 800 points for the first time on Wednesday.

At its highest point, the index stood at a record 800.21 points.

The rise in the Amsterdam stock market index was mainly due to specialty chemicals company DSM on Wednesday.

Stock prices have been doing well for a long time.

This is partly due to the low interest rate.

This leaves investors with not many options other than investing in stocks.

Another factor is that the composition of the index has recently changed.

Companies that have been doing well lately, such as chip machine makers ASM International and Besi and meal courier Just Eat Takeaway, have recently been included in the AEX.

On Wednesday, specialty chemicals company DSM is doing well.

The company announced a day earlier that the materials division would be divested.

The company wants to focus more on health, nutrition and life sciences.

On Wednesday, the share price rose 1.4 percent.

AEX keeps breaking records

The AEX has been at a record rate for some time.

At the end of March, for the first time since September 2000, the indicator reached a closing price of more than 700 points.

Shortly afterwards, the highest point of all time was reached, when the AEX shot past the old record of 703.18 points.

That old record also dates from September 2000, when there was talk of the internet boom.

Shortly afterwards, the so-called internet bubble burst and the record price disappeared from sight for more than twenty years.

The AEX continued to rise this year.

The index reached a position of 750 points at the end of July and then steadily increased.

The limit of 800 points was just not passed in recent days with closing prices well above 790 points.