China News Service, Haikou, September 15 (Reporter Huang Yi) The 2021 World New Energy Vehicle Conference opened on the 15th at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center in Haikou.

With the theme of "promoting marketization in an all-round way, accelerating cross-industry integration, and working together to achieve carbon neutrality", the conference reached new highs in scale and specifications.

  The conference lasts for 3 days and will hold 20 conference forums, including "Comprehensive marketization strategy of new energy vehicles under the vision of carbon neutrality", "Coordinated development of new energy vehicles and energy under the vision of carbon neutrality", and "Intelligent Networking to Empower New Energy" Three main forums for the development of energy vehicles.

The conference has a technology exhibition to showcase cutting-edge new energy vehicle products and leading technologies.

  As an international and influential annual conference in the field of new energy vehicles, the 2021 World New Energy Vehicle Conference aims to further strengthen international exchanges and cooperation, accelerate the integration and development of automobiles and energy, transportation, information and communications, and accelerate breakthroughs in new energy. Obstacles to auto marketization.

  The World New Energy Vehicle Conference has been held in Qiong for three consecutive years. This year, the Hainan Provincial People’s Government will hold a Hainan Special Forum during the conference, focusing on the "World New Energy Vehicle Experience Center Project" as the main line, focusing on promoting the development of new energy in Hainan to the world The achievements of the automobile, promote the Hainan Free Trade Port policy and the development opportunities, overall goals and plans of new energy vehicles.

  The conference was hosted by the China Association for Science and Technology, Hainan Provincial People’s Government, Ministry of Science and Technology, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Ecology and Environment, Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Ministry of Transport, State Administration for Market Supervision and Administration, and National Energy Administration. The guest country is the United Kingdom.