Hisashi Shibata, chairman of the Regional Banks Association of Japan, which is made by local banks, turned his attention to small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the protracted coronavirus in the LDP presidential election, which will be announced on the 17th at the regular meeting on the 15th. He expressed his expectations for the enhancement of economic measures.

Among them, Chairman Shibata said, "With the prolongation of the new coronavirus, many small and medium-sized enterprises are facing various issues such as cash flow, business restructuring, business succession, and human resources matching." I would like to ask the new chairman to take action with a focus on SMEs. "

On the other hand, Mr. Shibata said, "Bank management integration and management integration" It is not desirable for the TOB to be held hostile. Since it is a bank with a region, hostility may lead to anxiety of customers and business partners. " Was shown.