Ken Kobayashi, chairman of the Japan Foreign Trade Council, which is made up of major trading companies, said at a regular meeting on the 15th that the LDP presidential election, which will be announced on the 17th, will be promoted to prevent infection with the new coronavirus and to normalize economic activities. He acknowledged that a person with strong leadership is suitable for the new president.

Among them, Chairman Kobayashi said, "The biggest issue is how to overcome the problem by turning the economy while coexisting with the new corona. It is necessary to have a policy that can move forward in line with Japan's national interests. It is important that we want human resources who will serve as a command tower for the cooperation of the public and private sectors. " He showed the recognition that people are suitable.

Regarding the energy policy, which is expected to be one of the focus of the presidential election, "When considering achieving carbon neutrality in 2050, the idea that a nuclear power plant is necessary in pursuit of safety is the whole industry. It is a common understanding, "he said, reiterating the idea that restarting nuclear power plants and adding new ones are indispensable for decarbonization.