Oden is already on sale at major convenience stores, but there is a move to introduce discount services to shoppers who bring pots and other items to reduce plastic waste.

This service was launched by Lawson on the 14th at approximately 30 stores in Tokyo, Saitama, and Chiba prefectures.

When shoppers bring hot pots, they can buy cooked oden at the counter at a discount of 39 yen for every 5 pieces.

Each plastic container for oden offered at the store weighs 5 to 10 grams, and the company will verify how much the usage will actually decrease based on the service usage record, and then the oden sales battle will begin in earnest. From next month, we plan to expand the service nationwide.

Tsunekazu Tani, a public relations manager, said, "I want to work with customers to reduce plastics."

In an effort to encourage customers to bring in containers, Starbucks, a major coffee chain, has resumed a service that sells drinks at a discount of 20 yen to customers who bring their own bottles, which had been temporarily canceled due to the corona virus.

In addition, Meguro-ku, Tokyo has started a service of discounting 100 yen to customers who bring containers for take-out at restaurants in the target ward from this month, and companies are required to take measures to reduce plastic waste. Efforts are spreading among local governments and local governments.