Asahi Kasei, a major chemical manufacturer, has released an investigation report that it is presumed that the cause of the factory fire of a group company that manufactures semiconductors in Miyazaki Prefecture last October was poor contact of cable terminals of manufacturing equipment. Did.

This fire broke out at the semiconductor factory of Asahi Kasei's group company "Asahi Kasei Electronics" in Nobeoka City, Miyazaki Prefecture last October, and the company released an investigation report on the 14th.

According to this, the damage inside the factory is severe, and the exact cause of the fire is unknown, and as a result of analyzing employee eyewitness testimony and data on temperature changes in the factory, it prevents small dust from entering. It is estimated that the clean room on the 4th floor broke out at the source of the fire from a semiconductor material manufacturing device called a "wafer".

In addition, as a result of verification using the same type of device, it is possible that a fire broke out due to poor contact of the cable terminal of the device and spread.

The company is said to have implemented fire prevention measures and inspections based on laws and regulations such as the Fire Service Act, but in the future, it will install surveillance cameras in clean rooms and change the parts of manufacturing equipment to those that are hard to burn. Our policy is to prevent recurrence.

Under the influence of fire, have continued to state that can not produce the semiconductor of the domestic auto parts manufacturers and audio equipment manufacturers of, I do not have standing prospect of factory resume now.