China News Service, September 14 (Reporter Chen Jing) The impact of typhoon "Sandu" on Shanghai has weakened. Customs clearance at ports was gradually "restarted" on the 14th, and international (regional) flights gradually resumed.

Starting at 14:00, some international flights in and out of the Pudong International Airport will gradually resume taking off and landing.

  The reporter learned from the Shanghai Airport Border Inspection Station on the 14th that there were about 2,600 inbound and outbound passengers and nearly a hundred passenger and cargo planes entering and exiting the Pudong Airport port today.

Starting at 14:00, some international flights entering and leaving the port at this port have gradually resumed takeoff and landing.

  In order to prevent passengers who were obstructed by the typhoon from entering and exiting the country in a concentrated manner, causing chaos in the restricted area of ​​the port, the Shanghai Airport Border Checkpoint quickly launched the "safety and smooth flow" emergency plan.

At the same time, the border inspection station strengthens the contact with the port joint defense and joint control units and airlines, and keeps abreast of flight status at any time, so as to keep enough advance in response to the centralized entry and exit of passengers.

  During the interview, the reporter learned that in the face of the dual pressure brought by the prevention and control of the new crown epidemic at ports and customs clearance at ports of extreme weather, the border inspection department divided the existing duty staff into several units and dynamically adjusted the T1 and T2 terminals according to flight forecasts. The S1 satellite hall and other regional police forces have also opened green channels to provide necessary clearance guarantees for stranded and late passengers.

  Although the typhoon "Sandu" does not make landfall in Shanghai, the spiral rain belt still brings clouds, showers and windy weather.

In the coming days, inbound and outbound flights at Pudong International Airport may continue to be delayed or even cancelled.

The border inspection department hopes that passengers pay attention to the weather warning information in time, accurately grasp the latest flight developments, and arrive at the airport early to complete the formalities to avoid delays in their journeys.