She stressed that the "Exhibition" is a golden opportunity to enhance the country's image, present the available opportunities and attract investors

Zimbabwe Brings the Kingdom of "Monomotapa" to the "Expo 2020 Dubai"

  • The Zimbabwe Pavilion is located in a privileged location in the heart of the "Expo" village and is divided into 4 areas.

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  • Mary Moby: "We are optimistic that (Expo 2020) will give an impetus to increase trade between Zimbabwe and the UAE and the rest of the countries."


Zimbabwe's Commissioner-General at Expo 2020 Dubai, Mary Moby, revealed that her country will evoke the kingdom of "Monomotapa" at Expo 2020 Dubai, by participating in the international event with a pavilion depicting the Zimbabwe monument, which represents its past.

Moby told Emirates Today: "Zimbabwe will highlight its competitive advantages in the exhibition, and the various opportunities it offers," noting that "Expo Dubai" will help her country in attracting investors wishing to invest in key sectors, such as mining, tourism, agriculture, manufacturing, and infrastructure development. infrastructure.

She stressed that participation in "Expo 2020 Dubai" is a golden opportunity for the people, public and private bodies and the government of Zimbabwe to enhance the country's image.

first post

In detail, the Commissioner-General of Zimbabwe at Expo 2020 Dubai, Ambassador Mary Moby, said that "her country's participation in the exhibition, whose activities will start on the first of next October, is her first participation in (Expo) international fairs, as a full member of the International Bureau of Exhibitions, The organization of (Expo) exhibitions”, noting that the Office of the President and the Cabinet are leading and coordinating Zimbabwe’s participation in “Expo 2020”, in close cooperation with the organizers of the exhibition in Dubai, including partners from the public and private sectors and associations that are expected to participate fully in the exhibition. .

"Land of Opportunity"

Moby explained to "Emirates Today": "The Zimbabwe pavilion is located in the opportunities area of ​​the upcoming exhibition, under the theme: (Zimbabwe .. the land of great opportunities), where the pavilion will display the country's limitless economic opportunities, in addition to its dynamism in all sectors." Noting that major sectors in Zimbabwe are preparing to participate in the event.

She added, "We are satisfied with the preparations for Zimbabwe's participation in (Expo 2020 Dubai), which have reached a very advanced stage, as the construction of the pavilion's structure has been completed, while work is underway on the internal installations in its final stages."

4 regions

Moby confirmed that the Zimbabwe pavilion is ready to welcome visitors, explaining that it is located in a privileged location in the heart of the "Expo Village", and is divided into four regions: the first region called "Great Zimbabwe", which focuses on history, culture and heritage, and the second region, which is called The fertile and rich land of Zimbabwe” presents various economic sectors ranging from agriculture, mining, tourism and others, while the third region focuses on introducing the potential of flexible human capital committed to hard work and innovation, while the last region will highlight the future aspirations of our nation in line with Vision 2030.

a story

Moby pointed out that Zimbabwe has an incredible story to tell as evidenced by the country's pavilion, which depicts a journey from the past to the present and into the future, indicating that the pavilion, designed by young people from higher education institutions, occupies 179 square meters.

She stated that the pavilion depicts the Zimbabwe monument, which represents our past, and the entrance to the pavilion will evoke the Monomotapa kingdom in the country dating back to the 14th century, whose dry stone walls still exist.


"The pavilion is designed to depict how the people of Zimbabwe benefit from interacting with others, and that the future of our people remains on a positive growth path, by portraying our nation as an untapped gem of Africa, which is rapidly diversifying into new areas of growth," Moby said. "The pavilion also shows the key sectors of the country's economy, with huge opportunities in each sector that can be explored during the international fair."

She said: “We have organized thematic communication materials to inform pavilion visitors about our key economic sectors, initiatives and programs during the six months of the fair, where the highlights of our National Day will include a range of events, including live concerts, dancing and the opportunity for visitors to sample our food.”

Main sectors

Moby stated that “key sectors such as agriculture, mining, tourism, construction, vibrant sports, arts and culture sectors, including emerging sectors, will play a prominent role in showcasing what Zimbabwe has to offer in all regions, and we have also tried to meet the needs of our young visitors, through games and stories. that will involve young people.

exchange ideas

"We are very clear about what we want to get out of this international event, most notably raising awareness of the opportunities available in Zimbabwe, as the global event provides an opportunity to exchange ideas with participants from other countries," Moby added.

She stated that "in the long term, our participation should lead to highlighting the country's economic vision," adding: "After the exhibition ends, we expect to witness an increase in the number of incoming tourists, especially visitors from the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries."


Moby indicated that Zimbabwe will highlight at Expo 2020 Dubai its competitive advantages, based on its location, well-educated and skilled human capital, amazing weather and rich biodiversity, noting that the upcoming global event will also help the country to strengthen the already excellent relations with the host country, In addition to attracting serious investors in the country's main economic sectors, such as mining, tourism, agriculture, manufacturing and infrastructure development.


Moby confirmed: “We are optimistic that (Expo 2020) will give an impetus to increase trade between Zimbabwe, the UAE, Middle Eastern countries and other countries in the world, especially in the export of commodities and minerals, and moreover, (Expo) is a great platform for us to exchange views on How to meet common challenges, improve and adapt new technologies in all sectors.

"Our participation in (Expo) is a golden opportunity for the people, public and private bodies and the government of Zimbabwe, to enhance the country's image and experience to attract visitors, traders and investors to Zimbabwe," she said.

Zimbabwe's wonders

The Zimbabwe pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai allows you to enjoy the wonders of the country, through virtual reality technology, which include: Victoria Falls, people and culture, rich history and heritage, Great Zimbabwe, wildlife and unspoiled nature, the mighty Zambezi River, the legendary Lake Kariba, and the magic of the highlands Eastern.

The walls of the suite are designed to represent the feeling of a three-dimensional view of the savannah, enchanting wildlife, stunning nature, blue sky, and sunset scenery.

"Great Zimbabwe"

Visitors to the Zimbabwe pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai can embark on a trip to “Greater Zimbabwe”, a replica of the monument, which embodies the history of rock carvings in the country, where visitors can learn about the historical significance of this UNESCO-listed site. » of the world heritage, and get the opportunity to explore this maze with its magnificent architectural design.

Zimbabwe's participation in the "Expo Dubai" is its first in the "Expo" international exhibitions.

Zimbabwe is highlighting at Expo 2020 Dubai its competitive advantages based on its location, human capital and rich biodiversity.

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