"In the coming weeks we will present the results of our study on the five to eleven year olds worldwide to the authorities and apply for approval of the vaccine for this age group, including here in Europe," said BionTech chief physician Özlem Türeci in an interview with the News magazine Spiegel.

One is already preparing a production.

"The vaccine is the same, but less dosed and there is less need to be filled," explained Türeci.

According to the vaccine manufacturer, it has completed the necessary preliminary studies.

Now these would still have to be prepared for the approval authorities, such as the EMA.

"It looks good, everything is going according to plan," said BionTech boss Uğur Şahin in an interview with the.

He also expects study data on younger children aged six months and over by the end of 2021.

Both BionTech founders emphasized once again that they would do everything possible to convince undecided and unvaccinated people to vaccinate in the coming weeks.

“As a society, we still have around 60 days to avoid a harsh winter,” said Şahin.

“We should do what we can to mobilize as many people as possible in these almost two months.” Türeci affirmed: “Everyone who is vaccinated also helps.

We shouldn't give up. "

Around 61.8 percent of the population in Germany is currently fully vaccinated.