He intends to open 10 branches before the end of 2021.. He aspires to 100 branches and points of sale inside and outside the country

Small projects.. Emirati entrepreneur challenges "Corona" and expands his "Mandarin Gourmet" project

  • Al-Mansoori insisted on the project because of his confidence that the situation is temporary and the demand for restaurants will return strong.

    Photography: Ahmed Ardeti

  • Saif Al-Mansoori: "The measures taken by the state to facilitate recovery are among the most important things that help the success and expansion of projects."


Emirati entrepreneur, Saif Al-Mansoori, defied the Corona pandemic “Covid 19” and its repercussions, and started a new project in the field of restaurants, during the height of the pandemic.

Al-Mansoori told "Emirates Today" that he insisted on starting the "Mandarin Gourmet" project during the pandemic period, and was able to succeed and expand by opening four new branches within a short period, expecting the number to rise to 10 branches before the end of this year.

A special project

In detail, the Emirati entrepreneur, Saif Al-Mansoori, said that he worked in the management of restaurants before the emergence of the Corona “Covid 19” pandemic, but the restaurant in which he works closed its doors during the pandemic, due to the challenges facing the sector, and therefore decided to start his own project in the restaurant sector. .

He added that many advised him not to start the project during the pandemic period, considering starting a project in these circumstances a great and uncalculated risk, and threatening to fail.

Al-Mansoori explained that he insisted on moving forward with the project, due to his confidence that the situation is temporary, and that the demand for restaurants will return strong, pointing out that he began in the first stage to establish a “cloud” or “virtual” kitchen, relying on technology as an innovative solution to deal with the challenges of the pandemic, through Providing food menus on virtual platforms, and ordering through them.

A pandemic is an opportunity

Al-Mansoori continued: “I considered the pandemic an opportunity, not an obstacle to the project, especially since the UAE is a country of unlimited opportunities, with the facilities and advantages it provides for emerging investment projects,” noting that he benefited from the dispensation of some hotels from a group of senior chefs due to the repercussions of the pandemic, and employed a group Among them, in his project “Mandarin Gourmet” for restaurants, he also dealt with a number of companies in a number of countries, such as Egypt and India, to prepare the identity and logo, and carry out marketing, packaging, and packaging operations, at lower costs.

Expansion begins

Al Mansouri revealed that he has opened four branches for the project, while the number is expected to rise to 10 branches before the end of 2021. He said that his ambition is to open 100 branches and points of sale, whether inside or outside the UAE, in the coming years, especially since he has several offers to open restaurants. Others, according to the “franchise” system, or the “franchise right” in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and others, but he preferred to consolidate his presence inside the Emirates, and support the quality of his products, before expanding abroad.

facilitating recovery

Al Mansouri stressed that he aims to be the first Emirati entrepreneur with the largest chain of brands in the field of restaurants in the country, especially that the measures and measures he took to facilitate recovery and the gradual return of economic activities and life to normal are among the most prominent things that help the success and expansion of various projects.

He said that he fully believed in the statement of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, that "the greatest risk is not taking a risk."

He added: "In the field of business, seizing opportunities, managing risks, studying the project in all its aspects, and developing a sound strategy for the project, are among the most important success mechanisms."

He pointed out that the biggest challenge he faces is not the “Covid 19” pandemic, but to challenge himself, and continue to work and succeed, stressing that he intends to expand further during the coming period, despite the continuation of the pandemic, and to acquire a company for the production of spices, and he also intends to extend his work to The catering and household services sector, after the return of parties and gatherings, and the gradual removal of restrictions resulting from the pandemic.

12 brands

Emirati entrepreneur, Saif Al-Mansoori, revealed that his project currently includes 12 brands, and he has a plan to raise their number to 30 brands by the end of next year.

He stressed that he is keen to diversify food brands, to be among the most famous kitchens in the world, such as “Foul and Tamiya Restaurant” from the Egyptian cuisine, “Moallem Shawarma” from the Syrian kitchen, “Sofra Um Ali” from the Lebanese cuisine, and “Giro Station” from the Lebanese cuisine. Greek cuisine, "Billy Boys Burgers", "Philly Cheese Steak" from American cuisine, "Monkey Pizza", "Matthews Pizza", "Sabrina Bakery" from Italian cuisine, and "Bancho's Grill" from Mexican cuisine .

• The biggest challenge is not the "Covid-19" pandemic, but to challenge the individual himself, and continue to work and succeed.

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