Panasonic welcomed Yoko Matsuoka, who was the vice president of Google, two years ago in an attempt to break through the vertical structure of the organization and develop new businesses.

As the first business that Mr. Matsuoka launched, a support service was announced for working parents and others to clean up their errands.

According to the announcement, the subsidiary "Yohana" under the direction of Panasonic's managing director, Yoky Matsuoka, started a support service for parents working in Seattle on the west coast of the United States on the 9th to clean up various errands.

When the user requests a request via chat through the app, a dedicated assistant will arrange it for the user.

Examples include arranging home maintenance work, making travel plans, replacing home appliances, and looking for a trimmer for your dog. The monthly fee is $ 149, or about 16,000 yen in Japanese yen.

Mr. Matsuoka is an expert in robots, AI, and brain science, but he said that he decided not to rely solely on cutting-edge technology for services.

In an online interview, Mr. Matsuoka said, "AI technology has not yet reached the support of what we are struggling with every day," and explains why.

After that, he clarified his intention to consider expanding to Japan in the future.