Italians will soon have to deal with more expensive pasta.

Poor harvests of the important durum wheat due to extreme weather are causing shortages and higher production costs.

Sale prices of spaghetti and penne in Italian supermarkets will therefore rise before Christmas.

That's what CEO Giuseppe Ferro of the major Italian pasta brand La Molisana says to the newspaper

Il Sole 24 Ore


Canada is normally a major supplier of the important ingredient, but due to heat and drought, the harvest there is disappointing.

Grain exports from western Canadian ports in the third week of August were 41 percent lower than a year earlier, researcher Quorum has calculated.

The harsh Russian winter and the wet European summer also resulted in lower production.

According to Ferro, pasta makers in Italy are already stockpiling the two-year shelf-life grain en masse, but there are difficulties in preserving the essential component wheat semolina.

That only lasts for a month.

“Our family has been in the business for 110 years, but we've never experienced this before,” said Ferro.