China News Service, Guangzhou, September 10 (Wang Hua, Liu Jinjin) The second Guangzhou Live E-commerce Festival kicked off on the evening of the 9th, officially launching the city as a platform, combining online and offline, which lasted 20 days. Promote consumption activities.

  In the evening, the consul-generals of Kuwait, Cuba, Nepal, Saudi Arabia and other nearly 20 countries in Guangzhou or their representatives were invited to attend the opening event.

The mayors of Guangzhou International Sister Cities, such as Gwangju Metropolitan City in South Korea and Noboribetsu City in Hokkaido, Japan, sent video congratulations.

  This year’s e-commerce festival will be conducted through a combination of online and offline. In terms of offline, there will be 1 main venue for the Guangzhou Tower, 12 sub-venues (including the Guangzhou Airport Committee sub-venue), 8 municipal sub-venues and Nearly 20 vertical category sub-venues.

Nearly 30 well-known domestic e-commerce platforms, live e-commerce bases, leading MCN institutions, Guangzhou brand merchants and industry associations jointly appeared on the stage, and promoted quality goods and brands to the world through offline brand display and online live broadcast. good stuff.

The “1+N” model was adopted online, and the main section of the aggregation page of the Guangzhou Live E-commerce Festival was set up. All major e-commerce platforms set up event sections simultaneously, and more than 10 e-commerce platforms participated.

The second Guangzhou Live E-commerce Festival opened on the evening of the 9th and officially launched a 20-day promotion.

Photo by Liu Jinjin

  This live broadcast festival adopts the “exhibition” + “broadcast” method to promote the brand of Guangzhou products; the main offline venue set up a special area for agricultural assistance, and organizes more than 100 live broadcasts to help farmers to promote rural revitalization; cross-border live broadcast shows the internationalization of the live broadcast festival and promotes A new round of optimization and integration of the industrial chain and supply chain of the border e-commerce industry will help "Guangdong goods go to the sea, and good goods go to Guangdong"; to promote business gathering through economy, help small, medium and micro enterprises to transform and develop online.

  Zhang Zhian, a professor at Sun Yat-Sen University, used three figures to show the vitality of live broadcast e-commerce in Guangzhou: Prosperous consumption—Guangzhou will achieve a total retail sales of consumer goods of 921.866 billion yuan in 2020; the boom in live broadcast—Guangzhou was selected as one of the top ten live broadcast cities published by Taobao Live Broadcasting, and the live broadcast transactions of merchants are year-on-year An increase of 97%; the foundation is stable-9 municipal districts in Guangzhou have entered the national top 100 live broadcast e-commerce regional list, ranking first in the country.

At present, Guangzhou has formed an industrial chain and ecosystem for the development of live e-commerce.