Carole Ferry, edited by Mélanie Faure 09h00, September 10, 2021

For the past month, business leaders have had to apply the health pass within their structure.

Is the measure respected by the employees, almost two weeks after the start of the school year?

For some, this represents a real headache.


Is the health pass against Covid-19 accepted within companies?

A few days after the start of the school year, and since August 30, employees working in certain sectors, such as hotels, tourism, long-distance passenger transport, are concerned by the obligation to present the health pass.

To date, the vast majority of the employees concerned have been vaccinated, or are in the process of completing their vaccination course.


- "It's complicated to manage": the compulsory health pass for employees in places open to the public

There are few cases of job reassignments.

The SNCF, for example, which had undertaken to reclassify in activities without public employees without pass, does not count any case for the moment.

However, there is a minority of employees who choose to be tested every three days.

"We cannot do without our employees"

Arnaud Bennet manages an animal park in the Allier department.

He has six employees who choose to be tested regularly.

The company manager would prefer that the company be able to spare itself this responsibility in order to leave it to the State to impose vaccination.

"We are 100% aware of the usefulness and challenges of vaccination to stop this epidemic," he explains Arnaud Bennet to Europe 1.

"On the other hand, me, as a business leader, I consider that the government should go to the end of its responsibilities, take the decision of compulsory vaccination and not put the company in the middle", plague the owner of the park animal.

"It is clear that we cannot do without our employees either. If I had five who did not want to be vaccinated and not to test, how do I work? And there, it is the standoff between the company and the employee. I would prefer that it be the State which imposes the vaccine and that it is then a problem between the citizen and the administration. "

Rules that differ depending on the sector of activity

The Minister of Labor Élisabeth Borne was clear on the subject: companies that are not part of the list concerned cannot suspend the employment contract of an employee without sanitary facilities. The manager of a company that installs equipment in nursing homes for the elderly considers it more reasonable to request the health pass from his employees. However, he therefore does not have the right to do so. He decided to discuss with its 15% of unvaccinated or untested workforce to find individual solutions… with the feeling of a legal vacuum.