KDDI, a major mobile phone company, has partnered with SpaceX, an American space development venture, to embark on a communication service business using artificial satellites.

We aim to improve services in mountainous areas where radio waves have been difficult to reach.

According to people familiar with the matter, KDDI will partner with SpaceX, a space development venture founded by American electric vehicle maker Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Specifically, we will utilize SpaceX artificial satellites to provide new communication services in areas where radio waves are difficult to reach from base stations on the ground.

KDDI currently covers most of the inhabited areas of 4G communication standards, but this alliance aims to improve the quality of service in all areas, including mountainous areas and remote islands.

In addition, since the artificial satellite of SpaceX flies in a lower orbit than a normal communication satellite, it is useful for communication in the event of a disaster by taking advantage of the fact that it is possible to perform high-speed and large-capacity communication because it is closer to the ground. That is also to be considered.

Both companies have already started demonstration experiments and are aiming for practical use next year.

Regarding high-speed Internet communication using artificial satellites, Softbank, Rakuten Group, and Amazon, a major IT company, have announced plans and are attracting attention as a new communication infrastructure.