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was told that legislation to strengthen regulations on platform operators such as Naver and Kakao is being discussed, but the Fair Trade Commission also launched a

full-scale investigation. We will thoroughly examine whether these companies have distorted their search methods in a way that is beneficial to them.

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Fair Trade Commission has made clear its intention to investigate the allegation of driving a car dispatcher by Kakao Mobility, which accounts for 80% of the taxi reservation service market.

[Kim Jae-shin/Vice Chairman of the Fair Trade Commission: A report has been received that a major domestic mobility platform discriminated against non-affiliated taxis and drove dispatches to affiliated taxis, and a related investigation is ongoing.] If

you call a taxi using the Kakao T app, you can find a nearby general taxi There is a suspicion that Kakao affiliated taxis, which are farther away, are dispatched first, but the Fair Trade Commission launched an investigation earlier this year.

This is a very unusual comment in light of the Fair Trade Commission's attitude of being thorough with regard to the companies and cases under investigation until a conclusion is reached.

Vice-Chairman Kim also said, "The exposure ranking on the online platform is also a criterion that separates winners and losers. can't," he said.

The intention is to intensively check the behavior that disrupts the market with an internal algorithm.

In fact, platforms such as Naver, Kakao, and Coupang have never properly disclosed their algorithms for search exposure frequency, etc.

Fair Chairman Cho Seong-wook also pointed out, "The platform provides new market access opportunities to vendors, but concerns about unfair practices still exist."

There are voices coming out from all directions to check whether the giant platform operators that have spread their feet across industries such as shopping, culture, and services are healthy market participants or greedy Big Brother.

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