Chinanews client, Beijing, September 10 (Reporter Wu Tao) Zhihu had an accident with mooncakes. Many Zhihu netizens reported that they had diarrhea after eating the mooncakes sent by Zhihu.

  Later, when some Zhihu big V answered Zhihu’s question, “Laxative (Thanks for invitation), I just ate mooncakes, and people are in the toilet.” Some Zhihu netizens even “try the cake with their bodies” and did “open the box + try”. Video, why does popular science know about diarrhea after eating moon cakes.

Zhihu apologize.

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Zhihu apologize!

COFCO has not yet responded

  According to Zhihu, approaching the Mid-Autumn Festival, in order to thank the friends for their company along the way, Zhihu specially mailed customized mooncakes to those who have provided high-quality content for a long time, but some of them had diarrhea when they didn't want to.

  "This time we commissioned a mature company with a good reputation in the industry to produce mooncakes, and chose the low-sugar formula provided by the manufacturer. The factory products have been tested by the manufacturer and independent third-party agencies and meet the relevant quality standards of the food industry. However, they have neglected to replace cane sugar. The maltitol may cause intolerance to some people and cause physical discomfort. This is our mistake." Zhihu said.

  It is understood that the production enterprise entrusted by Zhihu is COFCO.

The reporter contacted the relevant staff of COFCO, and as of the time of publication, no response has been received.

  Zhihu also said that for the friends who reported the problem, they have contacted and provided remedies and services as much as possible, and recalled all moon cakes.

For friends who have experienced physical discomfort, Zhihu will take appropriate measures based on the feedback of the affected users.

But how to deal with the recalled moon cakes?

As of press time, Zhihu has not yet responded.

Know the big V in detail, know why diarrhea after eating moon cakes

  After the Zhihu moon cake incident, "How do you think about the diarrhea caused by the moon cakes purchased by Zhihu?"

Many Zhihu big V replied: "Laxative (Xie Invite), I just ate moon cakes and people are in the toilet."

The Zhihu moon cake event was on the Zhihu Hot List.

Know the screenshot

  As a result, many Zhihu big V became intolerant of popular science sugar alcohol; some netizens even took Zhihu mooncakes for microbiological testing to see if the colonies exceeded the standard.

  Netizens who received Zhihu mooncakes but haven’t had time to taste it, made a video of “unpacking + tasting” on Zhihu Big V. “I have to say that this mooncake is really a bit tired. I can’t eat half of it. For the sake of science, I will bear it."

  Most Zhihu Big V finally came to the conclusion, “On the list of ingredients of Zhihu moon cakes, maltitol, sorbitol, and erythritol do appear frequently in the list of ingredients, and excessive intake of sugar alcohols is indeed It can cause osmotic diarrhea. This is the main reason why moon cakes cause diarrhea."

Zhihu Big V made Zhihu mooncake "out of the box" video.

Know the screenshot

  "This type of diarrhea is a transient physiological reaction, that is, it will pass once it occurs. Although it is short-term physical discomfort, it will not cause pathological harm to healthy people. This is fundamental to infectious diarrhea caused by excessive bacteria in food. However, if the diarrhea is more serious, you should seek medical attention in time.” Many Zhihu DaV said.

Zhihu said thanks to users for popular science

  Zhihu said, I am very grateful to the friends who gave feedback immediately after the problem occurred, and used professional knowledge to analyze the cause.

Thank you even if you have a bad experience of "laxative", you still professionally and conscientiously do science popularization of sugar alcohol intolerance. "In the future selection and procurement process, we will implement stricter and higher standards, and we invite you to know Friends are involved in the selection, procurement and evaluation process."

Some netizens commented.

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  Netizens said, who makes you often say "Thank you for your invitation" and ask for benevolence and benevolence.

Some netizens expressed concern about this matter, "Are all mooncakes of this brand uneatable?"

  In fact, according to previous reports by many media, there have been too many cases of consumers having diarrhea after eating "sugar-free moon cakes."

Especially when you see "sugar-free moon cakes" or "low-sugar moon cakes", you should be careful, because it is very likely that "sugar substitutes" are added, that is, maltitol is used instead of sucrose. Some consumers may have sugar alcohol intolerance and diarrhea. Condition.

  In addition, as a high-oil and high-sugar food, moon cakes can cause a series of situations when consumed in excess.

Some doctors recommend that adults should not consume more than 100 grams of moon cakes a day.

In addition, some special populations, such as diabetics, elderly people with poor gastrointestinal function, and children should eat as little as possible.