◎Fu Xiaobo, our reporter

  At the 2021 BRICS New Industrial Revolution Exhibition in Xiamen, the 600km/h high-speed magnetic levitation transportation system with my country's completely independent intellectual property rights is unveiled to the public. This is the fastest ground transportation tool currently achievable in the world.

  The reporter saw at the exhibition site that, unlike the high-speed rail structure, the high-speed maglev train adopts a "car-holding rail" structure, with two rows of curved "long arms" at the bottom of the blue fuselage "hugging" the rails.

When energized, the strong magnetic force makes the entire train levitate on the track, with a levitating gap between 8 mm and 12 mm.

  This high-speed magnetic levitation transportation system was supported by the key special project of advanced rail transit in the 13th Five-Year National Key Research and Development Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology, and was developed by CRRC. The project was just completed on July 20.

  Booth technicians introduced that this set of high-speed maglev adopts mature and reliable normal conduction technology, and its basic principle is to use electromagnetic attraction to make the train levitate on the track to achieve non-contact operation.

In addition, the system has innovatively established a high-speed maglev transportation control system adapted to the automatic tracking operation of the long-distance trunk line to realize unmanned driving.

Its single-stage passenger capacity exceeds 100 people, and it can be flexibly grouped in the range of 2 to 10 vehicles to meet the needs of different passenger capacity.

The train does not come into contact with the track while the train is running, there is no wheel or rail wear, and the maintenance amount is small. It has the front-end advantages of high efficiency, fast, safe and reliable, flexible marshalling, convenient maintenance, and environmental protection.

  The successful development of a high-speed maglev of 600 kilometers per hour indicates that my country has mastered the complete set of high-speed maglev technology and engineering capabilities, and has achieved a major breakthrough in the complete set of engineering technologies such as system integration, vehicles, traction power supply, operation control communications, and line tracks.

Among them, a new head type and aerodynamic solution were developed to solve the aerodynamic problems under ultra-high-speed conditions; advanced laser hybrid welding and carbon fiber technology were used to develop a lightweight and high-strength car body that meets the requirements of ultra-high-speed air-tight load-bearing; independent development The levitation guide and speed measurement positioning device, the control accuracy has reached the international leading level; breakthrough key manufacturing technology, master the manufacturing technology of key core components such as levitation frame, electromagnet and controller.

  In terms of system integration, it breaks through the technical bottleneck of application scenarios and complex environment adaptability, so that high-speed maglev can meet the needs of long-distance, commuting and multi-scenario applications, and adapt to complex geographic and climatic environments such as river tunnels, high cold, high temperature and high humidity.

  Booth technicians introduced that as a high-speed transportation mode, high-speed maglev fills the speed gap of high-speed rail and aviation. Its application scenarios are diverse, and it can be used for high-speed commuter transportation in urban agglomerations, integrated transportation between core cities, and long-distance efficient connections. Corridorized traffic.

  At present, the 600 kilometers per hour high-speed maglev transportation system has completed the integration and system joint adjustment, and the five marshalling trains have realized a whole stable suspension and dynamic operation on the in-plant commissioning line, with good functional performance.

CRRC, which is undertaking research and development, has established an independent industrial chain. In the future, when the high-speed maglev transportation system is put on the market, it will be the fastest transportation mode within a 1,500-km range.