, September 8th. Liu Xiaonan, Director of the Foreign Investment Department of the National Development and Reform Commission, pointed out on the 8th that the preliminary research and judgment of all aspects shows that the amount of foreign investment used throughout the year can achieve a certain increase, which may be better than expected.

  The National Development and Reform Commission held a press conference on the 8th to introduce the situation of stable investment and foreign investment.

A reporter asked at the meeting: How does the National Development and Reform Commission predict the foreign investment situation in the second half of the year, what policy reserves does it have, and how to boost foreign investment confidence in China?

  Liu Xiaonan responded that my country takes the lead in controlling the epidemic, the economy is stable and improving, and the industrial chain and supply chain are perfect, which are still favorable conditions for attracting foreign investment.

Of course, it should be noted that the global epidemic situation is still complicated and severe, with the decline in investment capacity and willingness of multinational companies, the inconvenience of business personnel, and some restrictions on domestic investment promotion, and my country's use of foreign capital will be somewhat affected.

Based on the preliminary research and judgment of all aspects, the amount of foreign capital used throughout the year can achieve a certain increase, which may be better than expected.

  Liu Xiaonan said that at present, doing a good job in stabilizing foreign investment is of great significance to my country's opening up, promoting high-quality development, maintaining economic operations within a reasonable range, and stabilizing employment and foreign trade. To a certain extent, it also supports global resistance with practical actions. The epidemic, measures to help the world economy recover.

In accordance with the "Outline" of the "14th Five-Year Plan" and the relevant arrangements in this year's government work report, we will focus on three aspects.

  The first is the expansion of stable stocks.

Through further reduction and improvement of the negative list of foreign investment access in the country and the pilot free trade zone, relaxation of restrictions on foreign investment access will provide a broader space for foreign investment.

Promote the implementation of major foreign-funded projects, solve problems in projects in a timely manner, optimize full-process services, and guide the inflow of foreign capital through large projects.

  The second is to optimize the structure and improve the quality.

The main purpose is to improve policies to guide the direction of foreign investment, implement the catalog of industries that encourage foreign investment, and give full play to the active role of foreign capital in making up for shortcomings, promoting technological and management innovation, and meeting domestic diversified market demands.

  The third is to strengthen services to prevent risks.

Promote relevant policies and measures to foreign-funded enterprises in a timely and efficient manner, carry out a series of international industrial investment cooperation activities, and build investment cooperation platforms for foreign-funded enterprises and various localities.

Continue to clean up restrictions outside the negative list of foreign investment access, promote the implementation of national treatment after access, and treat foreign-funded enterprises and domestic-funded enterprises equally in accordance with the law.

At the same time, it will also carry out foreign investment security review work in accordance with internationally accepted methods and related measures, and do a good job in risk prevention and control.