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  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 7 -

Question: expanding trade in services, how to make our lives better?

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Dai Xiaohe and Yang Yang

  On September 7, the 2021 China International Service Trade Fair came to an end.

  How does the service trade fair, which sounds "tall", have any connection with our daily lives?

In the past few days, we have been walking through the various exhibition halls of this session of the Service Trade Fair, touching the new changes in life brought about by the new development trend of service trade.

Healthier: Chinese medicine "plugs in" big data wings

  Entering the health service exhibition area, the ethnic medicine exhibition composed of Beijing Yao Medical Hospital and Beijing Tibetan Hospital has attracted many visitors to stop and experience.

  "Since the 3rd, there are long lines in front of our exhibition area, and the doctors have not stopped for a moment."

  He Fang, deputy dean of Beijing Yao Medical Hospital, said that Yao medicine has a long history. In addition to looking, smelling, inquiring, and touching, the methods of diagnosis and treatment include nail examination, palm examination, tongue examination, etc., which have been passed down to this day because they are good at "preventing disease". .

In recent years, the popularity of ethnic medicine has gradually increased, showing that people are paying more and more attention to health care.

  At this service trade fair, traditional Chinese medicine and modern technology are combined to bring more new solutions to healthy living.

  Put your hands on the tester, and it only takes 80 seconds to generate a physical examination report-a meridian tester is refreshing.

The staff member Hui Zhuen told reporters that the TCM Meridian Detector combines TCM syndrome differentiation experience and TCM clinical data, and uses artificial intelligence and cloud computing to establish an analysis model for human function assessment and risk screening.

People can learn about their physical condition through reports and get targeted health management guidance.

  In the digital Chinese medicine exhibition area, a meridian conditioning robot is also quite distinctive.

Using dual mechanical arms to simulate human hands, precise treatment can be completed in 30 minutes.

The on-site staff introduced that this is a smart Chinese medicine integrated solution that combines traditional Chinese medicine with flexible robots, three-dimensional human body visual tracking, deep learning and other cutting-edge technologies.

  From the 700-square-meter exhibition area last year to the 6,600-square-meter special exhibition hall this year, the “bigger” of the health and sanitation service special exhibition area is behind people’s increasing emphasis on healthier life.

Greener: new materials let us embrace green life

  Lighter, warmer, more friendly to the people...Have you ever expected that wearing a light clothing can withstand the cold in winter?

  In the Sports Service Exhibition Hall of Shougang Park, exhibitor Yao Sheng is introducing to visitors a lightweight garment made of "superimposed cold insulation material".

"Superimposed cold insulation materials have the properties of heat insulation, warmth, quick-drying, lightness and environmental protection. Compared with ordinary materials, they can reduce the thickness of clothing by 80%, increase the warmth retention effect by 5 times, and are affordable."

  Bamboo tableware, bamboo furniture, bamboo fiber clothing...In the exhibition area of ​​the National Convention Center, the daily necessities made of bamboo as raw materials attracted the attention of the audience.

  Bamboo is sustainable, biodegradable, and recyclable. From disposable bamboo bags, bottles, paper, packaging, straws, crockery, cups and tableware, to more durable products, including laptop casings, watches, glasses and cars Interior...Today, bamboo products can replace plastic products in many areas.

  According to Wang Xudong, a staff member of the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization, currently, the International Bamboo and Rattan Organization actively advocates "substituting bamboo for plastic", using fast-growing, green and degradable bamboo to replace high-energy, refractory plastic products to help achieve carbon peaks and carbon neutrality. Target.

Smarter: Digital technology makes life more fun

  When the screen is off, it is an ordinary mirror; when the screen is on, it becomes a high-tech instrument, which can not only see the surface of the skin, but also understand the deep state of the skin.

  At the Service Trade Fair, an "AI Mirror" attracted many audiences to experience it.

Just take a picture, you can get the 45 parameter status of the tester's skin, and also recommend a personalized skin care plan.

  According to Wu Zhili, the founder of Yiyuan Intelligent, the "AI Magic Mirror" is based on the daily application of a variety of sensing, artificial intelligence, big data analysis and other technologies, which can help people accurately grasp the state of the skin and provide targeted scientific care.

  A virtual "elf" shuttles in a real scene...Huawei staff Su Xiaodi introduced that what is displayed on the screen is an AR map that combines virtual and reality. It can achieve accurate navigation even indoors, breaking through the past. The limitation of only navigating outdoors is also one of the next-generation holographic Internet scenarios.

  "5G-based AR applications are moving towards mature commercial use. Through the integration of 5G, cloud, AI, efficient three-dimensional reconstruction and precise spatial computing and positioning, the seamless integration of the virtual digital world and the real physical world has been achieved, bringing new interactions Experience." Su Xiaodi said that this technology has been used in Beijing Fang, the Capital Museum, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes and other places.

More fashionable: Digital empowers the youthful appearance of traditional culture

  "Black technology" is also adding a new era to Chinese traditional culture.

  At the Service Trade Fair, the "Digital Forbidden City" presented by high-tech means such as AR, VR, 3D, the "Intangible Heritage Costume Show" with Chinese cultural characteristics, and the immersive panoramic Dunhuang mural exhibition, etc., bring our cultural life Come to a new fashion experience.

  "The audience can feel the digital art exhibition in Dunhuang with their mobile phones, and have an immersive experience on the spot. They can also take pictures with the nine-color deer and the flying goddess." Su Xiaodi introduced and demonstrated as if thousands of miles away. The Dunhuang murals also came to the scene of the Service Trade Fair.

  The Palace Museum moved the "Forbidden City" to the site.

In the "digital cultural relics" subarea, the Palace Museum exhibited four parts: "Panoramic Palace Museum", "Forbidden City Famous Paintings", "Digital Duobao Pavilion" and "Digital Cultural Relics Library".

According to the on-site staff, the "Panoramic Forbidden City" has covered all the open areas of the Forbidden City. Using 720-degree spatial images, you can see every detail inside and outside the palace and truly achieve "intimate contact" with ordinary people.

  Traditional culture and modern science and technology complement each other. The retro style and the sense of science and technology are perfectly integrated, and the more "tide" and more "saucy" Chinese culture will go further to the world through the stage of the Service Trade Fair. At the same time, the Service Trade Fair has also built a world cultural integration, convergence, The exchange platform allows more overseas characteristic culture to enter China and enrich the spiritual life of the Chinese people.

  Service trade, the transaction is service, which presents the epitome of a higher quality of life in the future.

  Although this international service trade event has come to an end, a series of new trends and changes highlighting the connotation of high-quality development will surely permeate all aspects of future life and better meet the people's ever-increasing needs for a better life.