my country’s green power trading pilot program was officially launched—

Green power consumption has a "Chinese plan"

  Our reporter Gu Yang

  On September 7, 259 market entities from 17 provinces completed 7.935 billion kilowatt-hour green power transactions online and offline. This was the first transaction after my country’s green power trading pilot was officially launched that day.

  According to reports, in the first green power transaction, 6.898 billion kWh was completed at the Beijing Power Exchange Center, and the remaining 1.037 billion kWh transaction volume was completed at the Guangzhou Power Exchange Center.

According to preliminary calculations, this transaction can reduce the burning of standard coal by 2.436 million tons and the emission of carbon dioxide by 6.0718 million tons.

  “Although green power trading is a brand-new trading product established within the framework of the medium and long-term power market system, it is not only an expansion of the original medium and long-term power trading, but also a major mechanism innovation in my country’s power market.” Beijing Electric Power Shi Lianjun, general manager of the trading center, said that with the green power trading pilot as a sign and starting point, my country's green power consumption will open a new model.

The conditions for green power trading are mature

  Striving to achieve carbon peaks by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060 is a solemn commitment made by my country to the world, and building a new power system with new energy as the main body is the key path for the power industry to promote the realization of the "dual carbon" goal .

  The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission stated in an interview with a reporter from the Economic Daily that to implement the central government’s "dual-carbon" strategic deployment, it is necessary to accelerate the construction of a new power system with new energy as the mainstay, but the instability of new energy power generation and other technical characteristics The most intuitive example is that a certain percentage of energy storage systems must be built to support the construction of a certain proportion of new energy sources into the grid to make the consumption of the power system and operating costs rise significantly.

  “New energy generation on the grid at level prices, but it cannot simply be equated with parity utilization. If only from the cost point of view, the grid connection of new energy generation will cause electricity prices to rise. Explore and innovate in market construction." The person in charge said.

  In this context, it can be said that the start of green power trading can be described as the right time-to distinguish some of the power users who are willing to take on more social responsibilities, and to directly trade with wind power and photovoltaic power generation projects, and to guide green power consumption in a market-oriented way. On the one hand, it can fully reflect the environmental value of green power. On the other hand, the income generated by green power consumption can feed back the development of green power and better promote the construction of new power systems.

  It is reported that in the process of designing the green power transaction plan, the National Development and Reform Commission conducted in-depth investigations with the National Energy Administration, related power companies, experts and scholars.

Judging from feedback from all parties, a basic consensus is that the conditions for green power trading are ripe.

  On the demand side, in recent years, more and more domestic and foreign companies have an urgent need to purchase green electricity.

Multinational companies such as BMW and BASF have all proposed to achieve 100% green power production in the next ten years; traditional industrial companies such as Shougang are looking forward to using green power production to promote transformation and upgrading; many export-oriented companies in my country also hope to use green power production. Green electricity production to enhance the international competitiveness of products.

  On the supply side, as the cost of electricity per kilowatt-hour has fallen, new energy has entered an era of parity, and government subsidies have gradually declined. In the future, in guiding and promoting the development of new energy, it is necessary to gradually transition from policy support to market incentives and provide new energy through market mechanisms. Create a stable "booster".

  "Green power trading accurately matches power generation and user needs, and promotes the development of new energy from both sides of supply and demand. It will become an important starting point for market-oriented means to promote the construction of a new power system." Shi Lianjun said.

Participate in transactions with your fingers

  Green power trading meets the demand for clean energy production and achieves a high degree of unification of economic, social, and environmental benefits.

From a long-term perspective, purchasing green power will become an important measure for companies' clean and low-carbon transformation.

So, how can related companies participate in green power transactions?

  According to the "Green Power Trading Pilot Work Plan" approved by the National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy Administration, wind power and photovoltaic power generation companies, power users and power sales companies, and grid companies can participate in green power transactions.

Not only that, green power has priority organization, priority arrangement, priority execution, and priority settlement in power market transactions and grid dispatch operations. The purchase of green power on the power user side will also receive incentives from related policies and measures.

  "The market entities participating in green power transactions are mainly wind power and photovoltaic power generation in the near future, and will gradually expand to other renewable energy sources such as hydropower in the future." The relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission said that the transaction will give priority to green power that is fully market-oriented and online. If some provinces have a limited scale of fully market-oriented green electricity in the early stage of the market, they can consider purchasing government subsidies and guaranteed purchase of green electricity from power grid companies.

  In addition, in the initial stage of the construction of the green power trading market, priority will be given to organizing wind power and photovoltaic power that are not included in the national renewable energy price additional subsidy policy to participate in the transaction. Follow-up with the development of new energy and the continuous maturity of the green power market, it can be Provisions are made to dynamically adjust the scope of entry into the market on the power generation side.

  In order to facilitate market participants to participate in green power transactions, the State Grid Corporation of China has developed a unified service platform for the "e-transaction" power market.

"Just download the'e-transaction' APP, you can directly participate in green power transactions online, and at the same time, you can provide users with full-process information services such as transaction results, transaction contracts, and green power certificates." Li Li, Director of the Marketing Department of Beijing Power Exchange Center Bamboo said.

  It is reported that "e-transaction" has set up a special area for green power trading to provide green power trading services of "one network, three all and three exemptions".

Li Zhu explained that the so-called “one-network service” means that users can log in to enjoy the “one-stop” service of green power trading; Electricity companies and other whole-market entities, covering the entire business scope of intra-provincial and inter-provincial, wholesale and retail, and covering all green electricity trading varieties such as years, years, and months, and market entities can also enjoy the exemption of repeated registration and exemption from transaction procedures Fees, free green consumption certification green electricity trading services.

Explore new models of green electricity consumption

  At the launch of the green power trading pilot site on September 7, all market entities participating in the first green power trading received a green power consumption certificate.

In the future, this green certificate issued by the Beijing Power Exchange Center and the State Grid Blockchain Judicial Appraisal Center will become the "standard configuration" for all participants in the green power trading market.

  "Don't underestimate this green power consumption certification. It uses the technical features of blockchain to be open and transparent, multi-party consensus, and tamper-proof, to record the entire process of green power production, transmission, and transaction information, and it is unique and authoritative in the country. "Said Wang Dong, head of the State Grid Blockchain Technology Company.

  It is reported that with the help of new technologies such as blockchain, the information of green power production, transaction, consumption and other links can be fully recorded and cannot be tampered with, realizing the traceability of the whole life cycle of green power.

Wang Dong said that the use of blockchain technology to escort green power certification ensures the authenticity and credibility of green power consumption and activates the commodity value and environmental value of green power.

At present, the State Grid has applied for a patent for the green certificate transaction system based on the blockchain.

  In fact, green power certification based on the blockchain can fully activate the market’s decisive role in the optimal allocation of resources, promote the consumption of green power, guide the whole society to form a consensus on active consumption of green power, and help my country’s low energy consumption Carbon transition; externally, it can provide visual green power consumption certification to the international community, which will help to enhance the international recognition of my country's green brands, promote the export of my country's green energy products, and enhance the international competitiveness of export-oriented enterprises.

  In addition to the application of the core technology of blockchain, the green power trading system has also creatively proposed a series of green power consumption "Chinese programs", such as insisting on green power first, innovating systems and mechanisms, and ensuring that green power trading varieties are organized and executed first. , Priority settlement; another example, adhere to the system design, green power transactions are implemented in accordance with unified standards and norms, and the whole process of declaration of intent, transaction conclusion, contract signing, performance execution, measurement settlement, consumption certification, etc. is realized.

In addition, the system also simultaneously considers the effective connection between green power trading and green certificate issuance to avoid double measurement of environmental rights.

  Yangzi Petrochemical-BASF Co., Ltd. was one of the first companies to participate in the green power transaction. It successfully subscribed for 107 million kilowatt-hours of green power that day, and the purchased power was all produced by solar photovoltaic.

  "This green power transaction can be described as a'timely rain', which meets our growing demand for green energy. Compared with traditional power, the electricity purchased this time is equivalent to reducing the carbon footprint by 70,000 tons per year, further helping the company become a chemical industry The pioneer of industry transformation and upgrading.” said Yang Sheng, President of Yangzi Petrochemical-BASF Co., Ltd.

  Our reporter Gu Yang