The State Society of Industrial Participations (Sepi) will inject 25 million euros into the metallurgical company

Rugui Steel

, after approving the operation in the Council of Ministers.

The organization thus resumes its activity after the controversy with the airline Plus Ultra.

The activity of the business group Rugui Steel represents

3.7% of the GDP of the province of Soria

, as explained by the minister spokesman for the Government, Isabel Rodríguez, during the press conference after the Council.

The aid will come through the fund to support the solvency of strategic companies.

Rodríguez also pointed out that the company is located in an area of ​​"special attention" such as Soria, which faces depopulation, although it is not the only place where it operates.

Likewise, its participation in a sector considered strategic for supplying sectors such as automotive or naval was valued.

In any case, he assured, "" all the company's viability plans have been assessed. "

Until now, Sepi had granted 1,081 million euros to five companies: Air Europa, Ávoris, Duro Felguera, Plus Ultra and Tubos Reunidos.

The support fund is endowed with 10,000 million euros and 4,600 million have been requested.

The first to be rescued was Air Europa, which in November 2020 received a concession of

475 million euros


On March 9, the other airline, Plus Ultra, joined, which received 53 million euros surrounded by controversy over doubts about its strategic position and its solvency, in addition to its alleged links with the Venezuelan government.

Ávoris Corporación Empresarial (320 million), Duro Felguera (120 million) and more recently Tubos Reunidos, which received 112.8 million in July, complete the list that Rugui Steel has just joined.

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