China News Service, Beijing, September 7 (Reporter Wang Enbo) In response to the rectification of the financial business of online platform companies, the spokesperson of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission responded on the 7th that relevant companies are currently implementing rectifications in an orderly manner and have achieved certain progress and results.

  The aforementioned spokesperson stated that in the early stage, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission further strengthened communication with online platform companies, clarified regulatory requirements, carried out policy guidance, promoted online platform companies to change their concepts, strengthened their understanding and grasp of financial business attributes, policies, regulations, and regulatory requirements, and strengthened Risk awareness, compliance awareness and consumer rights protection awareness.

  On the basis of the rectification work of Ant Group, on April 29 this year, the "one bank, two meetings and one bureau" and other Chinese financial management departments jointly interviewed 13 online platform companies and put forward self-examination and rectification work requirements.

  The spokesperson emphasized that the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission has always adhered to the following principles for the rectification of the financial business of online platform companies:

  The first is to insist on fully incorporating financial activities into supervision in accordance with the law, and all financial businesses must be licensed to eliminate regulatory arbitrage.

The second is to insist on fair supervision and strict supervision.

Treat similar businesses and subjects equally, effectively prevent financial risks, maintain financial stability, and adhere to "zero tolerance" for various financial violations as always.

The third is to adhere to both development and standardization.

Support online platform companies to uphold innovation and standardize development under the premise of prudential supervision, promote entrepreneurship, stimulate the vitality of market players and social creativity, correctly play the driving role of scientific and technological innovation, and at the same time, resolutely break monopolies, safeguard public interests and a fair competition market order.

  The spokesperson revealed that at present, online platform companies are actively conducting in-depth self-examinations and formulating rectification plans in accordance with laws, regulations and regulatory requirements to implement rectifications in an orderly manner.

Certain progress and results have been achieved in improving corporate governance, preventing the disorderly expansion of capital, prudently carrying out Internet deposit and lending business in compliance with regulations, promoting the compliant development of small loans and consumer finance companies, standardizing the development of Internet insurance business, and strengthening consumer rights protection. .