Global Connection | United Nations Experts: The Service Trade Association sends signals and confidence to the world to promote the growth of service trade

  Xinhua News Agency, Geneva, September 3-Liang Guoyong, senior economist of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters in Geneva that the new crown epidemic has brought a huge impact to the global economy, and international trade has been significantly affected. China International Trade in Services The holding of the fair is conducive to promoting the recovery of service trade, driving international trade and investment to revitalize, and promoting a balanced recovery of the world economy.

  Liang Guoyong said that the current world economic recovery is still facing great imbalance and uncertainty.

The imbalance is manifested between different countries and regions, but also between different industries and economic sectors, and the trade aspect is mainly manifested between the trade in goods and the trade in services.

  Under the epidemic, international trade has suffered a significant impact.

UNCTAD data shows that due to the impact of the new crown epidemic, the total global trade in 2020 will drop by about 9%, of which the value of trade in goods will drop by about 6%, and the value of trade in services will drop by about 16.5%.

  Liang Guoyong believes that the holding of the Service Trade Fair in this context will undoubtedly add new impetus to the rebound in service trade and the recovery of the world economy, and it will help fight against anti-globalization trends, curb the trend of anti-globalization, and create an open and inclusive international society. Cooperation environment.

  He said: "If trade in goods is the main driving force for the growth of global trade in the early stage, trade in services empowered by technology is expected to lead the new wave of globalization. China is the world's second largest economy and is undergoing rapid economic transformation and upgrading. During the critical period of the great development of the tertiary industry, opening up to the outside world, and deepening of the internationalization of enterprises, there is a huge potential for the development of service trade."

  Liang Guoyong believes that China's service industry has obvious development potential.

From the perspective of its own economy, there is a large gap between the international competitiveness of China's trade in services and the trade in goods; from an international comparison, the international competitiveness of China's trade in services still lags behind that of developed economies.

  He judged that with the economic transformation and upgrading, the rapid development of the service industry, and the enhancement of the international competitiveness of service companies, the late-comer advantages and development potential of China's service trade will continue to be released, and the growth prospects of service trade will be broad.

While the export of service trade is growing, the introduction of new opening-up measures and the expansion of imports will also bring important opportunities to other countries and regions, thereby providing new momentum for globalization.

  Liang Guoyong said that the Service Trade Fair is the world's largest comprehensive service trade exhibition and has attracted much attention.

This year's Service Trade Fair will focus on hot topics such as carbon peaking and digitization. It will show the achievements and prospects of China's economic digital transformation and green development. It will also send signals and confidence in promoting the growth of service trade to the world, and play an active role in the process of globalization. Leading and promoting role.

  Reporter: Chen Binjie, Jiang Xuelan, and Chen Junxia