, Ningde, Fujian, September 3 (Reporter Lv Qiaoqin Ye Mao) drove off the highway from the toll gate of Fujian Ningde Automobile City, and the Ningde base for passenger cars of SAIC Group is in front of you.

  Walking into the body building workshop, a reporter from saw that the staff were transforming the production line to adapt to the introduction of new models.

After the transformation is completed, 620 welding robots can weld 30,000 passenger car bodies every month.

  Gu Yu, secretary of the party committee and general manager of SAIC Motor's Fujian branch, told reporters that two new models will be mass-produced within this year, and the annual production volume of the Ningde base is expected to reach 240,000.

  Taking advantage of the supporting advantages of new energy batteries, the Ningde base project of SAIC Motor's passenger car landed in Ningde City in 2018. It is the new energy passenger car production project with the largest design capacity in Fujian Province.

The total investment in the first phase and supporting facilities of the project is about 10 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), and the output value is about 50 billion yuan; after the second phase is completed and put into production, including supporting business projects, the annual output value can reach nearly 100 billion yuan.

  The new energy vehicle industry, with more than 40 first- and second-tier supporting suppliers, is the leading export base and new energy vehicle production base of SAIC Motor Group's Ningde base for passenger vehicles.

  In May of this year, 1,600 passenger cars produced by SAIC Motor's Ningde base were sent to Pakistan and Israel along the “Belt and Road” in two ships via Xiamen Port, marking the “Ningde-Xiamen-Pakistan” consolidation. The Silk Road Sea-Rail Intermodal Transport Channel for Car Exports was officially opened.

  "This year's export situation is very good, maintaining a good momentum of growth." Gu Yu said that SAIC Motor's Ningde base completed the export of about 7,000 vehicles (sets) last year, which are mainly sold in Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, the Middle East and other places. Many countries; about 38,000 units (sets) have been exported from January to August this year, a year-on-year increase of 440%.

  As the world's largest energy producer and consumer, China has proposed to achieve carbon peaks by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060.

Gu Yu said that under the "dual carbon" goal, China's automobile industry has ushered in a historic opportunity for overtaking on a curve, and it also brings broad prospects for the development of the new energy automobile industry. The Ningde base will introduce a variety of new energy vehicles. Promote the development of Ningde's new energy automobile industry.

  Located in Ningde City in the northeast of Fujian, it has cultivated and formed four internationally competitive leading industrial clusters in recent years, including lithium new energy, new energy vehicles, new stainless steel materials, and copper materials. It has become the world’s largest shipment of lithium-ion power The battery production base and the world's largest stainless steel production base, and are making every effort to build the most competitive new energy vehicle production base and the most advanced copper industry base on the southeast coast of China.

  As one of the four leading industries in Ningde City, the copper material industry mainly relies on leading enterprises such as China Copper Southeast Copper, and has successively introduced a number of industrial chain projects such as Zhengwei Copper-based Materials, Fupu Copper and Aluminum Processing, and Jiayuan Technology Copper Foil. 2020 The annual output value is 17 billion yuan, an increase of 28%.

  In order to accelerate the development of the agglomeration of the copper material industry in Ningde City, Ningde has established a special class for the investment promotion of the copper material industry, focusing on the copper concentrate distribution center, the second phase of copper smelting, the anode mud treatment and precious metal recovery projects of Southeast Copper.

  The relevant person in charge of the Ningde Development and Reform Commission stated that by accelerating the development of copper smelting and deep processing, a complete industrial chain integrating copper concentrate trading, copper smelting, copper deep processing, and recycling industries will be formed, and strive to 2025 The output value of the entire industry chain exceeded 100 billion yuan.

  From the traditional industries such as electrical appliances and food processing in 2010, to the four leading industrial systems today, Ningde's industrial scale has gradually expanded, the industrial structure has been continuously optimized, and the effect of industrial agglomeration has been prominent. More than 200 industrial chain projects have been gathered. .

In 10 years, Ningde's industrial growth rate ranked first in Fujian for 9 years, of which 7 years was the first.

  During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Ningde proposed the goal of building a world-renowned industrial city and cultivating a trillion-level industrial volume.

Xu Guangzhong, director of the Ningde Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, said that in recent years, Ningde has accelerated the construction of a "4+3" modern industrial system dominated by lithium new energy, new stainless steel materials, new energy vehicles, and copper materials, and its development has entered a golden age.

  The data shows that the added value of the four leading industries in 2020 will increase by 15%, contributing 130% to the growth of industrial value added above designated size; the new energy industry of lithium batteries will achieve an output value of 75 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13%; the new stainless steel material industry will achieve an output value of 1,250 Billion yuan, an increase of 7% year-on-year.