The operating company of the video conferencing system "Zoom" The financial results for the three months up to July increased due to the spread of the mutant virus "Delta strain" and many companies continuing to work from home. rice field.

Zoom's operating company announced on the 30th that the financial results from May to July were $ 1.021 billion, about 112 billion yen in Japanese yen, 1.5 times the same period of the previous year, 3 For the first time in a month, it exceeded $ 1 billion.

This is because the infection of the highly infectious mutant virus "Delta strain" has spread in the United States and other countries, and as more companies have postponed the time to resume work at the office, there is a need for video conferencing at home. The background is that it continues to be expensive.

The number of customers for companies and organizations with more than 10 employees using Zoom increased by 7,900 from the three months to April to 504,900.

The final profit was 317 million dollars, which was about 34 billion yen in Japanese yen.

However, Zoom's operating company expects that more people will resume face-to-face communication in the future due to the progress of vaccination, and sales for the three months until October will start to decline. It shows the outlook.