On the 31st, the yen exchange rate on the Tokyo foreign exchange market showed a slight movement against the dollar.

As of 5 pm, the yen exchange rate was 1 yen compared to the 30th, and the yen's depreciation against the dollar was 1 dollar = 109.81 yen to 83 yen.

On the other hand, against the euro, it was 30 yen compared to the 30th, and the yen depreciated from 1 euro = 129.88 yen to 92 yen.

Also, the euro was 1 euro = 1.1827 to 28 dollars against the dollar.

Market officials said, "In the New York market on the 30th, the stock index of Nasdaq, which has many IT-related stocks, hit a new high, and expectations for the future of the US economy increased, and there was a move to buy dollars. After that, there were few materials that could trigger aggressive transactions, and the price movements were small. "