A 24-hour non-stop glazing robot with three times the efficiency of manual work and 100% uniformity. The palletizing robot can pick up more than 100 kilograms of ceramic toilets if there is nothing, three or two, shuttle back and forth and deliver goods in the workshop. The 5G+AGV car, as well as a high-power camera that replaces manual quality inspection, can complete the surface inspection of a product in 35 seconds, and the efficiency is 10 times that of manual...

  Located in Yongchun County, Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, Jiumu 5G Smart Industrial Park will be completed and put into production in 2020. It is the first 5G+ smart ceramic factory in Fujian Province and the first true 5G digital smart factory in the global ceramic industry.

Based on China Telecom’s 5G network deployment and cloud computing, Siemens’ digital factory overall architecture design, and Huawei’s smart hardware supply, the comparison of individual data in the factory more intuitively shows that the “5G+ smart factory” has brought traditional manufacturing companies Great changes come.

  The weight of the products in the ceramic industry is relatively large. The traditional logistics adopts manual manual methods, which is labor-intensive; some processes need to be kept running 24 hours a day, and the materials in the production process need to be fully guaranteed; manual quality inspection is low in efficiency and depends on experience. Instability: During the production process, the three meters are not connected to the network, and the data needs to be read on site manually, and the operating status of the equipment cannot be obtained in real time.

  Through 5G+ production line kanban, 5G+ smart warehousing, 5G+ glazing robot, 5G+ machine vision automatic quality inspection and other key scene applications, as well as the production line data collection and remote control of 5G private network, real-time output, production line technology, employee production status, Comprehensive monitoring of energy consumption and equipment operation status, mastering the entire production process, and realizing intelligent customization, greatly improving production efficiency and effectiveness.

  Through 5G+AGV, after Chengci goes offline, the system calls the AGV trolley. The AGV trolley automatically recognizes the route, transportation, handling, and charging, and efficiently, accurately and flexibly complete the transportation and storage of products in the firing and inspection area.

  (King Zhiqing)

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