China News Service, Urumqi, August 31 (Pan Lu, Zhao Jianzhe, Zhang Ruoyun) Extremely hot and extremely dry are the typical climate characteristics of Turpan, the "Fire Island".

From May to August each year, the highest temperature here is above 40℃, and the annual average sunshine hours is 3,200 hours.

In recent years, the Taxation Bureau of Gaochang District, Turpan City of the State Administration of Taxation has also paid close attention to the dry heat resource industry chain, giving full play to the role of taxation in assisting local economic development, and striving to create a lighter burden, faster taxation, better service, and better environment. The taxation business environment promotes the development of the "hot economy".

Helping photovoltaic power generation companies "energy storage" move forward

  China Power Investment Xinjiang Energy & Chemical Group Turpan Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive energy company engaged in photovoltaic power generation and power technology research.

In recent years, the company has continuously increased its technological transformation, applied artificial intelligence, industrial Internet and other technologies to the photovoltaic power generation industry, filled the gap in the intelligent operation and maintenance of power stations, and accelerated the realization of the company's digital and intelligent transformation and development.

In 2020, the company will become Turpan's first photovoltaic power generation company to be included in the list of national high-tech companies.

  Technology research and development is the inevitable choice to promote the development of enterprises to the mid-to-high end. It is also the only way to cope with the economic downturn and complement and strengthen the industrial chain.

Relying on the tax and fee service system, the tax department has established a "contactless" tax and fee service team to provide companies with tax-related guidance and tracking services from policy interpretation, declaration operations to tax reduction and exemption calculations, and fully stimulate and mobilize companies to increase technological research and development. Enthusiasm and initiative.

  "In the past two years, the company has invested more than 6 million yuan in research and development expenses in 6 photovoltaic projects, including the intelligent photovoltaic power station inspection system based on drone technology. Boosted our confidence in development." said business accountant Ma Rong.

  The effect of technological transformation is obvious. The successful research and development of scientific and technological projects has not only greatly reduced the operation and maintenance costs of enterprises, but also increased the power generation of new energy plants.

"Only one project of the'Combiner Box Intelligent Analysis System of Photovoltaic Stations' will increase the company's power generation capacity by 4 million kilowatt-hours each year and increase revenue by 3 million yuan." said Li Songbo, deputy chief engineer of the company and director of the science and technology innovation department.

  Speaking of the future development of the company, Li Songbo said that he will unswervingly follow the road of green and sustainable development, and work with the taxation department to work together to answer the "green answer" of high-quality development.

Help the exposure test car company to stabilize and go far

  In July, the highest temperature in Turpan gradually climbed to above 40°C.

In the test field of the Turpan Atmospheric Environment Material Corrosion Field Science Observation and Research Station, cars and various material samples are undergoing static exposure and artificial accelerated simulated aging tests.

  In recent years, with its unique geographical location and unreplicated natural conditions, Turpan has become the first choice for domestic and foreign automobile companies, industrial product companies, and material manufacturing companies to conduct dry heat environmental tests.

  "The research station is currently the world's second largest dry heat natural environment test base in terms of area and scale. It attracts more than 100 companies every year to carry out material performance research and automotive thermal safety new energy testing. In July and August, Turpan's temperature is the highest. It is also the most lively time of the test site." said Guo Chunyun, director of the research station.

  As more and more companies come to conduct dry-heat environmental tests, the tax department took the opportunity of the "Thousands of Tax Officials Visiting Ten Thousands of Enterprises" to organize business professionals to regularly visit the exposure test site and upstream and downstream companies to publicize and explain tax incentives. Policies, answer tax-related questions and solicit opinions and suggestions, and provide companies with accurate tax-related guidance through online classes.

  SAIC Volkswagen (Turpan) Test Center Co., Ltd. was established in March 2015 to provide technical services for automotive dry heat environmental testing.

“In recent years, various preferential tax policies have been issued one after another, and financial personnel have not been able to fully understand in a short time, which has caused difficulties in the calculation of corporate income tax declaration. After the taxation department learned the situation, it took the initiative to conduct publicity and guidance to the company to help us successfully complete it. The corporate income tax declaration has been avoided, and the overpayment of taxes due to filling in errors has been avoided.” Said Dai Yanmin, the chief financial officer of SAIC Volkswagen (Turpan) Test Center Co., Ltd.

Help "sand therapy" lead the "new upsurge" of the health care industry

  Sand therapy has a history of hundreds of years in Turpan.

In recent years, Shanghu Village, Yaer Town, Gaochang District, has deeply explored advantageous natural resources, combined the sand therapy culture with the construction of beautiful villages, created a sand therapy town, and promoted the development of a comprehensive medical treatment integrating leisure, entertainment, vacation and health care. Tourism projects gradually promote sand therapy from professional medical treatment to public experience.

  The "Green Resort in the Desert" operated by the villager Bawuding Hujiaihemati is an online celebrity shop in Shanghu Village.

Every summer, tourists who come to experience the sand therapy program keep the staff of the resort very busy.

"The resort is equipped with 50 professional sand therapy beds and 22 characteristic homestays. It receives more than 2,000 tourists annually and provides jobs for 20 villagers," said Bawuding, the owner of the resort.

  In order to promote the development of the sand therapy industry, the taxation department has formulated an "exclusive policy package" for family-style sand therapy resorts, and through targeted guidance, ensures that the tax "dividends" go directly to the villagers.

  "The national tax policy Yaxie (good)! Self-employed like us, as long as their monthly sales do not exceed 150,000 yuan, they can be exempted from value-added tax, which strengthens our confidence in development. Next, the resort plan will be further improved. Sand therapy equipment, expand the scale, and bring a better experience for tourists." Bawuding said.

  From the once-shunned “thermal troubles” to the “thermal industry” that has benefited the people today, Turpan’s thermal resources have undergone a transformation from “depressions” with poor natural conditions to “highlands” where characteristic industries gather. Become a "new engine" for the high-quality development of the local economy.

"In the next step, the taxation department will continue to increase policy implementation, improve service levels, and continue to implement facilitation measures such as "online office", "handheld office", "mail delivery" and "consolidated reports" to contribute to the development of Turpan's "hot economy" Taxation power.” said Li Huayong, deputy secretary and deputy director of the Gaochang District Taxation Bureau.