Threat of a general water cut in South Lebanon due to lack of fuel oil

An aerial view shows water from the artificial lake Qaraaoun flowing into the overflow pipe near the dam in the west of the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon, April 5, 2019. AFP - JOSEPH EID

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Dozens of towns and villages in southern Lebanon are at risk of widespread water cuts due to a shortage of fuel oil to power electric generators.


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With our correspondent in Beirut,

Paul Khalifeh

Hundreds of thousands of people are at risk of being affected by a widespread water cutoff across southern



The water authority in this region of the country blamed this possible cut on a gradual shutdown of pumping systems due to

the lack of fuel oil

that runs the electric generators.

One to three hours of electricity daily

The state can no longer meet the basic needs of the population and provides barely one to three hours of electricity per day.

The fuel oil shortage is one of the most severe manifestations of the crisis which is now affecting all aspects of the daily life of the Lebanese.

Monday evening, the direction of the oil installations announced that 60,000 liters of this fuel will be distributed from Tuesday at the end of the administrative formalities.

Even if it was delivered on time, this quantity of fuel oil would barely suffice for a few days and will not allow supplying the entire southern part of Lebanon.


 Four million people

 " faced with a lack of water

Last July, Unicef ​​warned against the collapse of the hydraulic system in Lebanon due to the crisis.

Last week, the UN agency warned that "

more than four million people are at risk of severe water shortages


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