According to Balbek, Russia has always "not only acted as a guarantor of modern projects, but also confirmed its participation in deeds."

“From the moment the construction of Nord Stream 2 began, I did not even have any doubts about the implementation of this project, because Washington was pressing Europe with its ideology, and we offered the Europeans a benefit, and considerable.

And therefore, despite the broken spears, hysterical screams and large-scale politicization of this project, it is still being implemented and, no doubt, will be completed, ”the deputy stressed.

He noted that everyone understands perfectly well that statements that gas is allegedly a Russian "weapon" are far from the truth. "

“But the cheapness of Russian gas in comparison with liquefied American gas is a well-known fact.

So, despite all efforts to disrupt this project, Nord Stream 2 is and will be one of the main gas pipelines to Europe, "the parliamentarian concluded.

Earlier, a top manager of Gazprom spoke about the progress of the construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

He said that at present "commissioning works are at the final stage, which will ensure the readiness of the first string for the start of commercial operation."

The top manager of the company said that the work on laying the second string of the gas pipeline is also at the final stage, and for its commissioning, it will also require complex measures that are similar to the work on the first string.