, August 31. According to the Civil Aviation Administration website, on August 30, the Civil Aviation Administration issued a circuit breaker instruction to Myanmar International Airlines flight 8M711 (Yangon to Guangzhou) and Philippines Cebu Pacific Air flight 5J308 (Manila to Guangzhou).

  According to the notification, 8M711 flights (from Yangon to Guangzhou) of Myanmar International Airlines Co., Ltd., which entered the country on August 17, were diagnosed with 8 cases of new coronary pneumonia passengers.

In view of the fact that the flight once again triggered a circuit breaker before the implementation of the restrictions, starting from September 20, the flight operation will continue to be suspended for 2 weeks.

On August 17th, the Philippines Cebu Pacific Airlines flight 5J308 (Manila to Guangzhou) was diagnosed with 7 cases of new coronary pneumonia passengers.

Since September 6, the flight will be suspended for 2 weeks.

The fused flight volume shall not be used for other routes.

  The Civil Aviation Administration requires that the two airlines provide services such as passenger comfort and ticket refunds and changes on subsequent flights.