Sumitomo Rubber Industries, a major tire manufacturer, revealed that ISO certification, which is an international standard for quality control, has been revoked for rubber products that were produced at the Kakogawa Plant in Hyogo Prefecture and whose quality data had been tampered with. Did.

Sumitomo Rubber Industries has improperly tested the quality of some of the rubber products called "fenders" used on the quay of the port to prevent damage to ships, etc., produced at the Kakogawa Plant in Hyogo Prefecture. We announce that the data has been tampered with.

In response to this problem, as a result of undergoing a special examination by an ISO registered certification body, ▽ fender materials produced at the Kakogawa factory and ▽ precision rubber parts for medical use that use the same quality management system are certified on the 31st. Revealed that was canceled.

In addition, ISO certification has been suspended for medical precision rubber parts produced at the Izumiotsu Plant in Osaka Prefecture.

Regarding this, Sumitomo Rubber Industries said, "We deeply apologize for causing a great deal of inconvenience and concern to our customers and all concerned. We will strive to prevent recurrence and restore trust, and to reacquire certification as soon as possible.・ We will do our utmost to release the suspension. "

This company is investigating the cause of data falsification by a special investigation committee that includes an outside lawyer.